Barack Obama's Grandmother has Died

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How heartbreaking.

My deepest condolences to Senator Obama and his entire family.


Just reported as Breaking News on MSNBC, nothing online yet. I’m sad that she couldn’t make it one or two more days, but I hope that she’s at peace now.

No real debate here, I suppose - unless we want to discuss any impact this could have on tomorrow’s outcome.

David Shuster just announced on MSNBC that Barack’s grandmother has passed away. My prayers and condolences go out to him and his family. I hope he can find the strength he needs to press on, and fulfill her wishes for him.

Oh, I’m so sorry. At least he got to see her before she died.

My condolences.

Thank G-d for that.

Oh I’m SO sad for him.

And it was only going to be one more day.

God Speed, Grandma. RIP. She lived long enough to know her grandson will be President.

Wow, sad news. I’m glad Obama took the time to visit her.

Let’s have some good news tomorrow!

Really a shame she couldn’t have made it another 48 hours, at least. If she had, there’s a very good chance she may have seen her grandson make history again.

Condolences to the family.

So sad! I’m sure she was fighting her hardest to see if her son would become the next president.

Gah. What timing. If you’re Obama (or even imagining this happened to McCain) on the eve of Election Day, what do you do? I would like to think that something like this would be free of political implications, but that is, unfortunately, impossible.

My condolences to him and his family, of course.

Jeeez…that really sucks. What a drag.

It’s sad but not exactly a tragedy. How 'bout celebrating that he was lucky enough to live into his late 40s with a grandparent? I’m 27 and I suspect I will lose my last one before 30.

That is just heartbreakingly sad.

Not to be cynical, but this could be the greatest gift she ever gives him. It certainly can’t hurt Obama’s chances.

But let me stop being a calculating politcal prick, and inhabit my human skin…Godspeed Toot. You did good!

Since she wasn’t a celebrity, I’ve moved this over to MPSIMS.

Well, that clinches it…if he wins I’m going to burst out crying for sure.

Oh no. :frowning:

Oh no. I was so hoping she would make it until he became president. I am so glad he made it back to see her one last time.

I’m going to take this to MPSIMS for the reason the OP cited. I’m sorry for Obama’s family.

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