Barack Obama's Grandmother has Died

If he loses I’m going to burst out crying.

I was thinking about that too, Asimovian. And it occured to me that as this news unfolds, McCain is running his nasty Reverend Wright ads practically every hour. Obama seems always to be blessed by uncanny timing. McCain slings mud at him during his time of mourning, and rightfully might experience yet another backlash of his erratic tactics — expecially since this was one he specified he would not tolerate.

CNN - Obama’s Grandmother Died today at 3:00 p.m.

I’m so sad to hear about this. She won’t see her grandson become president. I’m sick. :frowning:

And today the CA Republican Party brought a complaint against him for using campaign funds to visit his grandmother*. Now that’s classy!
*I don’t know when they filed it, but it actually does seem almost impossible that they could have known beforehand. Still, Worst. Timing. Ever.

Damn. I’m sure she didn’t have any doubt about what the outcome will be tomorrow, but it’s a shame she didn’t get to see it.

It’s too bad that the biggest, happiest day of his professional life will be tempered with personal sadness.

My condolences to him and his family.


That was my first thought, too. She let go because she got a good vibe.

:frowning: This is a very sad tiding. I hope she got to vote for him early; I imagine she would get a great joy out of that. Sad that she couldn’t see him become President though.

It was expected, of course; but it’s very sad that she could not have lived to see the results of the election. :frowning:

That’s a morbid thought. But I confess I thought it as well.

So sad, she is so much the reason he is the man he is.

I’ll echo this. It IS a tragedy she didn’t live 2 more days though.

There’s been a lot of death associated with this election. Biden’s MIL, Obama’s gram, Dick Durbin’s daughter (ok, he’s not running but he’s campaigning for Obama) and I think there was one other death…

Like Moses and the Promised Land (well, assuming he wins).

Oh my that is just so sad. I’m sorry she couldn’t have lived a few days longer.

Crap! I’m having a hard time composing myself. This SUCKS! :frowning:

My deepest and heartfelt condolences to Mr. Obama and his family.

Tim Russert? Or perhaps Terence Tolbert (who died last night)?

Oh, and to state the obvious: sad, sad news and deepest condolences all around. :frowning:

How typically machiavellian of the democrats.

Arrange a campaign paid for trip to see his grandmother knowing the pubs would have a snit fit.

Then have her die the day before the election gains him the sympathy vote as well as being a PR nightmare for the McCain camp.

Seriously though, my condolences to the Obama family.

And my apologies to anyone that was offended. But you know there’s more than one bozo out there seriously thinking exactly that.

The RNC probably wishes they hadn’t chosen today to criticize his campaign money paying for that visit. The California Republican Party made an official complaint today as well.

Not that I think it would have changed anybody’s vote.