Obama's Debt Crisis Speech

It could turn out to be a historic speech. I think this is his time to really call out the Republicans for what they really are. If handled correctly, I think that he can swing the public back in his favor.

yep he did call out the republicans, I’m not so convinced that it was historic though. seemed like a lot of the same old stuff. Not trying to bash Obama, I agree with what he said for the most part, just didn’t strike me as historic.

Obama gave a speech tonight? :confused:

Yep, more of the “98% of Americans don’t have to pay more taxes. Its just $250,000+” rhetoric.

He blew it! He needed show some anger. He needed to get people talking. He failed. The only thing that helped him was Boehner’s response, that sounded like blackmail.

He didn’t blow it, that’s Obama’s style. Certainly not historic, but I felt it got the message through.

It was a good speech. Anger accomplishes nothing other than to diminish the speaker and stoke the fires of disagreement. He was firm but restrained, and left no doubt as to where he feels the problem lies. He also laid the responsibility for telling all those bastards what needs to be done on the voter, where it belongs. I believe that if nothing is done, and the economy does indeed crash and burn, all of them will be looking for work soon.

Historic? Seriously? One politician making a speech blaming everything on his opponents? Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like that before, ever.

I’m not anti Obama or anything, but I think people exaggerate how well spoken he is. I’ve never been “moved” by anything he said.

I don’t exactly consider him well spoken in and of himself, but when put up next to the last buffoon who held his position, Obama sounds wonderful. I was verifiabley moved twice by Obama, once during his campaign when he gave the speech after the Rev. Wright Debacle, and once when he accepted the democratic nomination. The first because I thought he hit it out of the park on all points, the second because I never thought I’d see a man of color in his position for at least another 25 years…

I think you hit the nail on the head. You have to put too many circumstances around his praises. ‘Obama is smart because…’, ‘Obama is well spoken because…’. When it all adds up to being praised because he’s not a white republican. :rolleyes:

He lacks the emotion and firmness to move me. He’s all a bit too much of a people pleaser, too.

TL;DR: I doubt any speech he gives will be “historical”. Except his first one as president for very obvious reasons.

That’s silly. Anger creates energy. It fires up the base. It works with people who can’t think logically to save their life, because they will listen to emotion. If you can get the crowd to get angry with you, you can be completely illogical, and it doesn’t matter.

Heck, that’s pretty much how the Republicans get votes.

Sounds like Boehner has already washed his hands of the situation.

Basically saying we wont raise taxes because that’s why Bush sr didn’t get re-elected.

Stay classy GOP/Tea party.

McConnell did so two weeks ago, saying that Obama could unilaterally do it.

after mr boehner’s speech, i’m wondering how the tax reforms will kill jobs? i must be missing something.

You can’t increase the amount of taxes paid by the ric-- er, “job creators,” silly! If you do they won’t create jobs!
Problem is, they have the money now, and still aren’t creatin’ 'em, so…apparently the Bush cuts just weren’t enough! Am I right, job creators?

but the “job creaters” like say… mr romney, don’t create jobs. in fact mr romney doesn’t have a job and his legal, voting address is his son’s unfinished basement in ma.

so what jobs will be killed by him paying more taxes?

I thought it was a good speech, but then I’m a member of the reality-based community.

Obama is going grayer every time I see him.

This is my hope as well, mostly considering how terrible the hours proceeding many historical speeches (that weren’t when presidents were sworn in) have been. I’ll be quite pleased to never hear a speech as good as the “Day of Infamy” one.

God, that was stupid of me. I did not mean that if you didn’t like the speech you are disconnected from reality. I meant to contrast with certain congresscritters. Poorly thought out and badly phrased.

Obama is still going gray. I got that much right. :smack: