Obama's hypocrisy over election

President Obama in what may be his last White House press briefing got really hot under the collar over alleged Russian interference in the US election. How dare a foreign country interfere in another country’s election?

He clearly has a short memory. The Obama Administration Spent Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Defeat Benjamin Netanyahu

Russian interference in the American election, if proved, was wrong. American interference in the Israeli election was just as wrong. And Obama should check his footing; his moral high ground just turned into a swamp.

The US has been interfering in the elections of many other countries for 50+ years, usually to the detriment of the people of those countries.

Indeed. See this news article: “How John F. Kennedy helped Diefenbaker lose an election.”


Summary: the American government interfered in the Canadian election of 1963 because Prime Minister Diefenbaker continued trade with China and Cuba, and refused to allow nuclear missiles on Canadian soil.

I don’t for a second doubt that the US interfered in other country’s elections, but… TownHall referencing a Washington Times article? That’s not what I would call a reputable source.

IIRC, the grants given to that Israeli organization were intended to be for uncontroversial societal programs, and were diverted to electioneering programs without the knowledge of the US Government. I believe subsequent grants had additional restrictions placed on them to prohibit this from happening again.

Lets say that happened, as stated. Given the sources I’m not sure that’s a great assumption.

Every single politician in every country that ever existed did things they didn’t want other countries to do.

If that actually is the case, I’d say that’s a pretty poor excuse. Any money I give to a group to do X means they can take other money intended for X and use it for Y.


“The Subcommittee found no evidence that OneVoice spent grant funds to influence the 2015 Israeli elections.”

However, there was incompetence at the State Department:

“This pivot to electoral politics was consistent with a strategic plan developed by OneVoice leadership and emailed to State Department officials during the grant period. The State Department diplomat who received the plan told the Subcommittee that he never reviewed it.”

So it seems according to the Republican-controlled Senate’s investigation that poor oversight of grants allowed an activity that had previously received US funds to later become involved in a political campaign, but it concludes that the grant wasn’t given for the purpose of intervening in the Israeli elections, which is a fundamental difference between this and the allegations against Russia.

The OP reminds me of how Republican approval ratings of Putin are twice as high as their approval of Obama. Shameful.

You obviously haven’t seen this pic yet. :wink:

50 years? You must be really young.

We bombed military targets during WWI, so it was hypocritical of us to be outraged over the attack on Pearl Harbor.

i.e., bullhooey.

Obama made us all vote for Trump! We didn’t want to, he made us do it!

Subtle difference there that you may have missed. The US bombed military targets while we were at war. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in peacetime.

You missed a “subtle” difference in the OP, in that the grants to the Israeli organization were not intended for use in a political campaign, but poor oversight allowed that to happen; as opposed to the Russians apparently meddling in US elections on purpose.

Who is responsible for that oversight? The President or the Sec’y of State?

From what I know, officials several rings below the Secretary of State. The idea that the President or the Secretary of State manage such small grants as absurd. One might as well hold Ford CEO Mark Fields responsible for that leaky roof on my old Mustang getting past QC.

More fake news propagated by the right wing media. Everyone should check their footing; looks like we’re in a sewer.

I got this chain email from one of my half-witted brothers in law:

Amazing that Reagan’s son doesn’t know how to spell his last name. I haven’t bothered to investigate point by point as it appears to be largely gibberish. Interesting that they didn’t mention Reagan’s sabotage of Carter’s hostage negotiation efforts. Or that Nixon undercut LBJ’s peace talks with North Vietnam. Seems to me that all of these “points” by “Reagan’s son” are bullshit but if someone wants to support or refute them, have at it.

“…historian Paul Kegnor…”! Go ahead, look him up, you could use a good laugh.

They spelled Michael Reagan’s name correctly on the NEWSMAX site. Maybe it was a typo?

*Fast-forward to 2016. The Democrats are desperate to blame their election loss on Russian interference. President Obama has ordered a complete investigation, and says he wants a report on his desk before he leaves office. Well, Mr. President, I wanted you to have all the information, including how the Democrats tried to manipulate U.S. elections in 1980 and 1984 — with the help of the Russians.

Karma really sucks, doesn’t it?

Especially if you’re a Democrat.

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of President Reagan, is a Newsmax TV analyst. A syndicated columnist and author, he chairs The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Michael is an in-demand speaker with Premiere speaker’s bureau.*