Obama's Nobel Prize--which public figures will dare to say it is a farce?

Only 3 hours after the news was announced, there are two threads running here at the Dope, one in MPSIMS (27 posts, so far) and in Great Debates (57 posts).

And after a total of 84 posts, every single one of them is in total agreement that Obama doesn’t deserve it. Not one person has disagreed, even on some minor nuance.

The only question is whether The Nobel Committee is totally deranged, or only temporarily drunk.

But one thing is clear: the Emporer has no clothes.
So now I’m wondering: who will have the guts to say so out loud?

Obviously, all the presidents, kings and queens of the world will have to make bland statements of support. But too many bland statements make you look even sillier. At some point, people will realize that it’s better to sit quietly and ignore it, rather than take part in a farce. And somebody might actually speak the truth.

But who?
Who would dare to refuse to publicly challenge the wisdom of the Nobel Committee?
My suggestion:
It’s gonna take a brave individual to be the lone voice of dissent.
Maybe somebody who, say, has already proven that he is brave enough to be the lone voice of dissent… (when he voted against the Iraq war.)

I beg to differ. I said he deserves it- number one he is not Bush. Number two is he kept McCain and Palin out of the White House. Those are enough for me.

The Republicans are just waiting to jump all over it, but first they need to see what the recipient has to say. If he says he is humbled and surprised, it’s going to look like sour grapes for the Pubs to pile on saying he didn’t deserve it. Of course the Faux News commentators will be all over this one. If Rush blows a gasket and keels over, then I’d say the prize is definitely deserved.

Neither are 6 billion other people

I thought that was the voters?

So it’s not unreasonable for me to cash in? Sweet! I’ll be waiting for my medal & check

Are you asking “Which credible public figures”?

He didn’t just sit on his porch and waited to be elected. He ran a great campaign. The voters did their part, but Obama gave them a reason to do it.

The answer is obvious: Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck will be denouncing it today.

For political figures, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich should denounce it no later than Monday.

Dick Cheney will denounce it, though probably not in public until he gives his next speech.

Most Republican lawmakers in the US will denounce it eventually.

Orly Taitz will denounce it today because Obama isn’t a US Citizen.

You are aware, yes, that the Nobel Peace Prize isn’t just about America? (It’s not, you know, like the World Series.)

Of course. But as a superpower, the leader of the US is more significant to the world as a whole than say the leader of Belgium.

“We condemn the award of the Nobel Peace Prize for Obama.”

-Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid

Matt Lauer is a reasonable public figure, and not a partisan hack, I think we’d all agree. He’s already said he thinks they gave it to Obama for not being George Bush.

I posted after this OP, but I for one didn’t say any such thing. I was extremely surprised with the choice, but I get what they are doing. It’s their prize and they can do what they want with it. Henry Kissinger won the thing in 1973, and his work for peace in Vietnam didn’t bring peace to Vietnam - and did spread war to Cambodia.

Even if you grant that Obama is a poor choice, he would not be the first, and he sure as hell wouldn’t be the first controversial choice. The Nobel committee has its own biases and goals and I think most people would acknowledge that.

As as far as challenging the award… please. The birthers, tea partiers, pundits and others would criticize Obama if one of his daughters won an award for selling the most girl scout cookies. They will have no problem bashing this choice. Michael Steele’s already put out a sarcastic statement on the matter.

I was one of those posts and I am not in total agreement, and neither, it appears, is the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. I won’t say I wasn’t shocked that he won it… I was. I won’t even claim that I don’t find it a bit odd. But if one thinks a bit about all the different ways that peace can be promoted and encouraged, one might realize that it is not undeserved after all.

Yeah. It’s strange isn’t it?

Obama goes to Copenhagen to stump for the Olympics to be awarded to the USA. EPIC FAIL!!! ANTICHRIST!!!

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize but neither expected it or had any part in his nomination or winning it. MEGA-ULTRA-SUPER EPIC FAIL!!! HE SUCKS THE SCALY COCK OF SATAN!!!
This is what it has all come to? We are so fucked.