Obituraries in SUV Rear Windows?

I have been seeing more and more of these-people are putting their loved one’s obits on the rear windows…with a portrait of the deceased.
When did this start?
Kinda strange…but I suppose its a good way to advertised the deceased.

I rarely saw this back in Michigan, but it is HUGE here in Arizona, especially with Hispanic families.

I think it’s kind of tacky, but it’s not really any of my business what people do with their vehicles.

Very thoughtful of them to give me something to read while I drive behind them, because God knows I can’t see the ROAD or anything.

Extremely popular here in Georgia as well, no rhyme or reason I can see for it. They’re not all young people or veterans or old people or a single ethnicity represented, but I concur that it’s not my business what nonsense people put on their vehicles.

I told my friends that I will haunt the shit out of them if they eulogize me on any of the following:

[li]Shitty mall tshirts[/li][li]Their car windows[/li][li]Their Facebook profiles.[/li][/ul]

But we can still put a teddy bear on a stick on the side of the road w/ fake flowers and Mylar balloons from the Dollar Tree, right??

Only if that’s where I road raged and flipped my car over, otherwise it would just be tacky.

’Here’s where DiosaBellissima road raged and flipped her car over’ is a lot to fit on a cross made of two hot-glued paint stirrers inscribed w/ a Sharpie.

amateurs. In my city somebody cemented a steel cross in the ground next to a bridge. The city came along the next day and cut it down.

I’d like to add tattoos to the list of memorial canvases.

Excuse me: there better be glitter. I want that text in glitter or no deal.

I told my friends and loved ones the same thing, that would haunt them until their dying days if they eulogize me with one of those car window displays.

Of course I told them this by posting a photo of a vehicle with one of the stickers to my FaceBook page. :smiley:

Seriously, I’d haunt them until they committed suicide…

Maybe it’s like those roadside memorials and those are the vehicles that killed the person?

I’ve only seen it two or three times here in SW FLA. All instances were latino names. I, too, find it tacky that a person has to wear their grief on their sleeve, so to speak.

I can’t decide what I’d like done for my roadside memorial. A few options:

  1. Put 20-30 little cheap-o crosses all clustered around a big area of burned grass, each one with a pic of a little kid taped to it.

  2. Keep the burned area, but put a crushed, torched wheel chair in the middle with a big, beglittered cross reading, “Your walkin in heven with Jeesus.”

  3. A realistic skull nailed to a plank under a sign reading, “SNITCH.”

I’ve never seen full obits with photos in southern MD, but I have seen the *In Memory Of *with names and dates on back windows. To me, it’s as tacky as roadside memorials, but whatever. As long as it’s not on my car or in my yard, I’m good.

As a sick aside - my dad died when he and mom were visiting a friend - he had a heart attack while showering and was gone that fast. I always had this warped urge to put a memorial in the friend’s bathroom. I’m so ashamed of myself, but Dad would have laughed…

“No, that wasn’t a vial of pumice powder, dear…”

I should make up a bunch of fake ones, then put them on random people’s cars.


I’m reminded of the Giant Russian Mafia Tombstones.

Poll: Sky-written eulogies are tacky or awesome?


Wow, SUV stickers and Russian MAfia headstones. These are all new to me, and I am equally skeeved by all.

The guy with his hand in the pocket of his jacket looking like he’s got a gun on us and is just about to waste us is kinda cool though.