Oblivion trailer, worst spoiler trailer ever?

New scifi movie with Tom Cruise, the damn trailer not only gives away the twist its like it wants to spoil the entire movie for you.:smack: And not only that it looks like the twist is important to the plot!

Someone who was watching it with me said"oh so I bet she is a machine" and then wondered why they needed to watch the movie now.:smack:

So, did your post just spoil the movie for all of us?

No, that isn’t the main twist that is spoiled.

I watched 4 trailers for the movie. Yes, they give the whole thing away including the twist.

Too bad. It looks like a beautiful movie.

Ha, sounds like.

I was watching Conan O’brien yesterday, and they had an actor from the Game of Thrones who was also in this movie (I don’t remember his name). Anyway, he pretty much said he was not allowed to say ANYTHING about the movie, or it’s actors and he didn’t even know what clip he had to show. So it’s interesting that the trailer would give too much away.

Here, I found the episode. The actor’s name is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He starts talking about (not talking about) Oblivion at about 35 minutes in.


Before the clip:

Conan: “This is interesting. This doesn’t happen often … They’ve told me, they don’t want me to say, talk about your role, they don’t want me to talk much about what the movie’s about. There’s a lot of secrecy about this movie, ah, surrounding this film, so I don’t know what we can say about this movie.”

Nikolaj: “Uh, that’s true. I got this memo from Universal, the studio, and basically it was saying you can’t talk about the movie, don’t talk about your character, don’t talk about the private lives of any of the other actors.”

After the clip:

Conan: “I know nothing now.”

Nikolaj: “You know what, it’s great though. It’s one of those… I mean, the point is it’s one of those movies you don’t want to know-”

Conan: “-you don’t want to give it away. No spoilers. I respect that.”

Edited to add: I can’t speak for the trailers themselves because I’m trying to avoid them right now.

Good choice. The trailers are beautiful, but yeah, avoid them if you can.

Oblivion is a sled.

Tom Cruise’s character was dead all along.

Uh…yea in a way you’re right.


And he has a penis.

He’s also Keyser Soze.

And it was him dressed as his mother who killed the woman in the shower…no, seriously!

What was that?

Anyone see that?

Something just flew right over my head… anyone happen to catch what that was?

Snake Eyes. The trailer gives away every plot twist. I think Ebert, or some other famous critic, had a whole tirade against the trailer when it came out deriding it for giving away the whole film.

Tom Cruise’s character is really Luke’s father.


Oblivion is calling from inside the house!

Tom Cruise is actually a guy.

When I first saw the trailer in the movie theater, I had the same response.

Oblivion is Tom Cruise’s sister AND mother.