Obscure television show identification - show about the 1940s

Since you guys did such a good job finding “Stick Around” for me http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-685579.html, here’s another television pilot I remember seeing in the late 1970s (the series was never picked up, so the pilot was all there ever was). This one was about life in America during World War II - a half hour situation comedy, clearly intended to do for the 1940s what “Happy Days” was doing for the 1950s. There was one character who was clearly a response to MASH’s Klinger - he was medically unfit for military service (flat feet?) but desperately scheming to get into the Army. Other characters were young women who worked in war factories. I’m still earwormed with the theme song “We all had an Uncle and his name was Sam, we needed to help him out of a jam. It wasn’t easy but the burden was shared. Back in the 40s…”

Anyone else remember this…

Goodtime Girls.

Goodtime Girls (1980) starring Annie Potts. Adrien Zmed was Frankie, the guy with flat feet.

The theme song is called “When Everyone Cared”.

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Thanks guys. Looks like I remembered a lot of details correctly, but apparently the show did exist for longer than one episode. Hey! Peter Scolari was in this, before “Bosom Buddies”!

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