Observations at the pump

Just have a curious question for those filling up out there with increased prices and reported shortages:

For those SUV/Large Pickup drivers out there filling up at the gas station while driving solo or hauling nothing- Are you getting any dirty looks or snide comments from others around you while filling up?

For those observing SUV/Large Pickup drivers- Are you apt to shoot a dirty look their way or have you ever said anything to them?

Hampshire - I drive a big honk’in Chevy Avalanche. I’ll be the first to tell you that if people are looking at me weird, it’s because I’m crying at the pump having just spent $75 dollars on a full tank of gas… :eek:

If I’m looking at you weird, it likely has nothing to do with you–it’s because what you just said made me a little dizzy.

I don’t give anyone dirty looks.

I’ve been given a couple dirty looks when I’ve mentioned to people in passing that I usually spend less than $30 on gas a month.

I drive a 94 Nissan Sentra.

What are you dizzy about? The amount?
I write it off to my business so I’m not to phased about it. Plus I love my truck!

I filled up today. Normally I would’ve waited till tomorrow, but I was getting a little freaked out by the reports of stations with no gas. It’s important that I be able to get to work Sunday.
I passed a Shell station that was getting a tankerful.
At my regular station, the lines were normal. Regular was $3.11. 3/4th tank cost me $43.00, the most I’ve ever paid.
The guy in front of me filled up his pickup and then proceeded to fill four 5-gallon containers. I didn’t give him a dirty look because it’s possible he needs it for his work and wasn’t actually hoarding. This disaster has brought out so much rage and hate; I’m determined not to make it worse.

Perhaps I’m just somewhat dense, but why in the world would anyone make comments to them?? If they have a big ole honkin’ suv slash tank that they’re putting gas in, they’re PAYING FOR THE FUEL they use, correct? It’s not hurting me in any way, is it? So why would I have a problem with them? Color me confused - er purple. :confused:

I was presented with a finger by a kid waiting in line for gas at the only run-down station(consisting of two working premium-grade pumps) nearby that wasn’t dry. I’m inclined to think that he did it because he was impatient and caught up in the frenzy, and not because of what I was driving.

Yes, the amount (sorry if that was unclear)! Man, that’s . . . that’s a . . . that’s a lotta mon . . .

Somebody catch me . . .


I haven’t noticed any hostility, but I haven’t filled up my tank yet either. I drive a Mercury Mountaineer (the Mercury version of the Ford Explorer). It’s not the biggest of SUV’s, but big enough to be on the environmentalists’ hate list. But where I am here in Florida, damn near everyone drives an SUV or a big truck.

I just got back from a one-week trip to Western Massachusetts and I couldn’t believe all the hybrids and the like. I think I only saw one or two Hummers the whole time, whereas I often see several in a day down here.

I just know I’m not looking forward to my next fill-up. And here I was thinking that $40+ was a lot to be paying for gas. Now I suspect a full tank will cost me close to $60.

Does a '97 Grand Cherokee fall into the “large SUV” category? I haven’t gotten any dirty looks, though the last time I pumped I was at a station full of pickup trucks, one of which dated from the late '60s.

I did see a guy filling a kerosene container with gasoline. I don’t remember what he was driving.

Not at the pump, but my mom and I are kind of pissed at my dad over this issue.

As soon as gas prices jumped up to the $2.50 mark, he decided to go out and buy a Chevy Tahoe. They’re empty-nesters and he never hauls anything. In a time when the signs are that we’re heading into an energy crisis, it’s socially irresponsible. Just IMHO, but more importantly, my mom’s HO…which should count for something with him, but doesn’t.

To make it even worse, as soon as Katrina hit and George Bush asked the nation to conserve gas, he decided that we needed to make a 700 mile round trip to visit my grandmother this weekend. Yes, she’s old and in poor health, but he hasn’t seen her in a year and a half and says he hates her, so why not wait another week and see what happens gas-wise? Nope–his whims trump every other concern.

So yeah, he’s getting some dirty looks for being an SUV owner.

I drive a mid-sized sedan and I’m not giving anyone dirty looks at the pump. I will, however, admit to a few chuckles of sheer Schadenfreude…