You are driving that uber-truck or SUV...

…the one with the TV ads where it is driving up the mountain of rocks. Or making a big splash on the dirt road in the rain. Or the one that appears as tall as a grain silo with narrative words suck as “rugged,” “tough,” “Texas tough,” “like a rock.”

So why are you driving it with kid gloves on the slightest sign of a less-than-perfectly smooth road. Road construction has closed all but one lane, and it is just a wee bumpy, yet you are going all of 10 mph, with Honda’s, Kia’s, Saturns, and all sorts of super-mini sized cars behind you.

What’s wrong! Not rugged enough.

What about railroad crossings. Not even the truly bumpy ones on older roads, but the ones where the road is level with the top of the rails. The one that skaters fly past you over while you stop to protect your “mega tough” vehicle.

What many say I now believe. You only bought it to compensate for some short-coming.

With respect, this has been brought up many times over the years. Prepare for defensive hostile posts from some uber schmucks who want to justify their SUV ownership.

I don’t have to apologize to anyone for owning a truck that takes me to my remote fishing spots. The both of you can go kindly fuck off.


Grow up. You want to be defensive? Fine.

But why do you feel a need to be defensive?

Feeling a little guilty for funding the terrorists with all the gas you put into that guzzler of yours?


Nothing against SUV owners in general. Just the wimps who drive them like they were old Yugo’s.

You deserve to be in a truck commercial. :slight_smile:

Why? Because I’m sick of people blaming the Evil SUV for everything. When you can tell me you are driving the new Honda with low emissions output or riding a bike everywhere you go, including 67 mile commutes to work, then go ahead and demonize the SUV. Until then, you hypocrites ought to really shut the fuck up.

…and this is the Pit. What did you expect, everyone to agree with you and the OP?

I don’t feel guilty for shit. I bought it so I can go fishing, load up my tools and jacks and jackstands when I go to work on someone’s car. In other words, I am using it for what it was it was designed for. Maybe the OP can specify wimpy SUV drivers, but don’t lump all SUV drivers into one group.

So, what do you drive, Hastur?

I drive a Geo Metro.


…and I’m willing to bet your emissions system is more out of whack than mine (depending on what year your car is, and how strict your state’s laws are regarding this). Who’s contributing more to pollution now? But that is moot.

I can’t load all my fishing and camping gear in a Geo Metro, nor would it be able to handle driving in the terrain that I do. Nor can it carry the tools and equipment I do when I go work on cars.

So what do you suggest? I drive a crappy tin can car that ensures my death should I get into an accident with any car that is larger than it? No thanks.

Whatever, Lola.

My emissions are just fine(tested just recently, thank you).

Justify all you want, Lola. You’re reasoning for doing so seems a bit weird to me. If you were so secure about your choice, why did you even feel a need to respond?

Because, isn’t this the place to dispel ignorance? I respond so ignorant SUV haters can go aim their blind hatred of a class of vehicles elsewhere.

There’s at least one ignorant comment each day on here about the Evil SUV when people don’t actually realize their cars aren’t exactly green-worshipping vehicles either. There’s a lot I read on here that makes me shake my head, but the uninformed ranting about SUVs really bugs the shit out of me.

And I thought this place was full of intelligent people.

Let’s see…

You are defending your opinions based on what?

Oh yes, purely emotional reasons(or so it seems) based on the feeling you are under attack.

At least my vehicle isn’t known for rolling if I take a sharp turn.


IOW, that’s why you don’t see me posting in a lot of GD topics, because half the time I don’t have a clue what they are arguing about. Me arguing in there would be like you two going on about “uber shmucks” who drive SUVs to compensate for something.

If you don’t know what you are talking about then STFU.


When you do find a clue, feel free to join the debate.

I was not “going on” about anything other than the OP should be prepared for people like you who get hostile and defensive when the topic comes up.

So, feel free to take your own advice.

Well, for one thing, I don’t go racing or barrelling down the road, unlike some of the SUV owners you may have encountered which gave you this unnatural hatred of SUVs.

My opinions? Based on a lot of shopwork I’ve done over the past 13 years which included emissions test of both older cars (such as yours) and SUVs. Your state is lucky they have emissions laws; we don’t. People around here can go driving around with their cars running rich (and wasting gas) and spewing unburned HCs into the air.

What is your opinion based on? Because you’re intimidated in your small car? Because you pay $12 to fill up your engine? :rolleyes:

Let’s see. I took more offense to you calling SUV drivers “uber shmucks” rather than the OP. That’s pretty much why I responded.

Next time I make an inflammatory comment about a whole class of people, feel free to get offended also.

Wow. You really need help.

SUV envy? *Please[i/].

My opinion is based on research from Consumer Reports and other websites which cite statistics and information on SUVs.

Not all of them are bad choices. Many of them are, IMHO.

I meant reactionary people like you, not SUV drivers as a whole.

Gee, Lola…out of idle curiosity…where, exactly, did the OP address someone who DOESN’T drive the ultra-tough vehicle like it’s an egg on wheels? I read the OP and Road Rash’s followup posts and saw clearly that he (or she) was addressing ONLY the folks who drive the things like they’re made out of tissue paper instead of being vehicles perfectly ready for use on the public roads.

Oh ok, reading on subjects that I’ve actually done tests on. I’ll really take your word for it.

The OP was a jab at the SUV as a compensation for some sort of macho thing. I could have laughed at that and made a joke about it until I saw your “uber shmuck” comment about people having to justify their ownership.

Of course I want to justify it, against people like you. What do you suggest, I get a small car that does me no good when it comes to off roading and loading up my tools?

Since I “need help”, what do you suggest?