Observe the snow. It fornicates.

Snow pix.

Note how it’s as tall as Kate.

Cute daughter! I rather like the purple coat and red wellies. Very stylish.

And I’m digging the Cecil reference in the thread title.

Funny how you titled this. It’s how I found the boards.

Kate is adorable!

Looking cute as always!

Dang. I seriously meant this to be about getting sympathy for all the damn snow I had to shovel.

Damn kid intrudes everywhere.

I was kinda wondering why you had that thread title, when you had pictures of cute kids playing in the snow. I thought maybe this was another Michael Jackson thread, but that seemed kinda creepy.

We moved to St. Paul when our son was about that age. He heard about snow angels, and in the first snowfall he went out to make some.

Whoever told him about the snow angels didn’t specify “face UP”. Now that was funny.

Mind if I butt in with my snow photos? I’ll sympathize with you if you take a look at the PT Cruiser pic and realize that we had to dig that out - send a little sympathy to me too. After all, I’m a delicate flower!


I was gonna butt in with my snow pics too, but we only got 3-4 inches and then it all melted within about 48 hours. By the time I got my camera back from the friend who borrowed it, I could only take pictures of wet grass.

Yeah, it sucks to be here. :wink:

Am I the only one who got this thread title?

A definate classic.

My god, Cecil got edited. In the original column (and in the book, IIRC, the line did not read “look at all the freaking snow”

Maybe it was one of the columns available when the archives were on AOL. They’d have to have edited it to put it up there, I bet.

It was in the book as “Look at all this fucking snow!” I know because I first read it in the book.

Or, at least, it was “look at all the fucking snow.” The/this is hazy. However, I definitely remember fucking.

[sub]how’s that for a hanging gerund?:D[/sub]