Obsession du Jour

While I was at Half Price Books last week I found a book that led to my current Obsession du Jour… I mean “hobby”. Texas Hold 'Em! Just like everybody else, I love Poker. Really. I’ll play it in real life, I’ll play it on the computer, I would play it with a fox, I would play it in a box, I would play it here or there, I would play Texas Hold 'Em anywhere! I’ll even watch it on TV!

OK, not really. It’s not really Poker that grabbed my attention. And what is that, watching people play cards on TV? Golf is too exciting? Baseball doesn’t go on quite long enough? Let’s watch people play cards! Yeah, that sounds great! (Sorta like how everyone was smoking cigars, drinking Martinis and listening to Lounge Music pretending they were all the New Rat Pack or something a couple of years ago.) Although if there was a Slap Jack All-Star Challenge, that would be cool. Danny DeVito and Matt Damon teamed up against Minnie Driver and Gillian Anderson. The boys wouldn’t know what hit them. Yeah they would, it would be Minnie smacking them around. I’d almost pay money to see that. If there was an All Girl Slap Jack All-Star Challenge with bikinis and baby oil involved it would definitely be worth the price of at least basic cable.

Really, what I found was The Directory of Knots by John Shaw. Not I’m tying knots like a knot-tying fiend. All the good ones, like the Reef Knot (which is really the Square Knot, and if you can’t tie that, you suck), and the Clove Hitch and the Bowline. But that’s really cheating since those are all old Boy Scout knots I already knew. Although the Bowline in the Bight was a knot that always evaded me in Boy Scouts, but now I got that bastard down. Ha! to you, Bowline in the Bight! There’s the Midshipman’s Loop which is new to me, but it’s pretty much like he slider knot I learned in Boy Scouts. Only better. So my Knot Repertoire has grown!

But my new Knotting Adventure didn’t start out so smoothly. You know how many knots I got through that first day? One. Only one knot. I almost threw my string away and quit, it was so bad. All day I was trying to tie the Chinese Lanyard Knot. This is one hard knot, let me tell you. It’s more like weaving than tying. But I stayed with it, trying and trying it over and over. You know what my problem was? Cheap string. I dumped that junk and started using some better cord (you know it was better, it’s called “cord”) and voilá! A passable Chinese Lanyard Knot! There was nothing I couldn’t do!

Except the next knot I tried. The dreaded Arm-Akimbo Lanyard Knot. This is supposed to be a simple “decorative knot”, which means “a knot that doesn’t actually tie anything up”. And I was following the directions and everything. But the problem was, I was also looking at the pictures. Mostly that’s a good thing. If you follow the directions and your knot looks like the picture, you’re doing good, right? Well, usually. Unless, say, on picture #4 they drew the knot starting with an underhand loop and you’re supposed to tie an overhand loop. Can you believe that? Drawing an underhand loop? It was just crazy! So I just didn’t look at that picture and finished my knot and checked it against the final picture, and it was good.

In my pumped-up excitement I moved on to the Monkey’s Fist (which sadly won’t grant you five wishes) and the Turk’s Head. I say “the” Turk’s Head, but if you know anything about knots, you know there are four bizillion variations on the Turk’s Head. I’ve only tried two so far. I’m thinking of tying a Turk’s Head on a stick and ending it with two Monkey’s Fists on either end (the standing end and the working end). Then I’d have a Fighting Turk Monkey Stick. Tell me that wouldn’t be cool. (I’d bet my Fighting Turk Monkey Stick could beat up your Fighting Turk Monkey Stick.)

I think today I’ll try some of the exploding knots. But don’t worry, I’ll wear safety goggles. Because I’m all about knot safety.
P.S. Kittens are cute.

Hold 'em. It’s knot just for kids anymore.

Here is another great book for knots: The Ashley Book of Knots

My husband loves watching Celebrity Poker on Bravo.
I do knot understand his obssession.

Now THAT’s knotty!

[obligatory/inevitable “Holy Grail” reference]

Three, sir.

[/ o/i"HG"r]

If Half Price Books had a giant pile of that Ashley (the other Olsen Twin) Knot Book for cheap, I would have gotten it Dragwyr. Now that I know about it, I’ll be askin’ for it for my birthday. And more cord. You can’t have too much cord when you have a bog ol’ knot book.

Rue, if you like I can get you on the distribution for the World Poker Tour - Cincinnati edition. Seriously. I think they had two simultaneous tournaments there this past week with $10,000 prize pools. (100 entrants at $100)

Well, at least Rue is talking about ONE thing I finally understand: Hold 'Em.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t know how to tie an Arms-Akimbo-Over-The-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder knot if FCM’s life depended on it.

I’m not real good at poker. I don’t have any reason to be good at knot tying (well, maybe one reason but we’ll not go into that, thankyouverymuch) so I got nothing to add here. Just checkin’ in is all.

We watched a poker tournament last night on tv. It was interesting. Texas Hole 'Em is an easy game, it’s the psychology that’s hard…manipulating the other players. I’d like to learn to be a better poker player.

I like knot tying. A throwback to my old macrame days. I like napkin folds and origami too.

Texas Hold 'Em sucks. I hate that three card flip.

I kind of like Pot Limit Omaha now that I know what it is. Seems a bit more complex than Hold 'Em.

But what we really need is a MMP Strip Poker Tournament. That would probably keep everyone busy and might even include some knot-tying of some sort. Anyone up for that?

I tried to tie up a Turk-ey last night, but after Monkey-ing around with it the knot still did knot look right :smiley:

That would be called “The Flop,” not the “Three Card Flip.”

If you knew anything about Hold 'Em you’d hate the River instead.

would one hate the River simply because of the anxiety it may cause?

Because, if you have a good hand and have not yet been successful in driving out the weak and incompetent, that’s where they get lucky and draw to the inside straight and beat your three aces.

I don’t really know many knots. The ones I’ve used most are the basic Square, of course, and the Bowline, aka, the Quick-Release. You use the Bowline to tie up horses, because if they get spooked, you want to be able to untie them quickly.

I did do some macrame in the '70’s, along with everyone else in the world. However, knots are one of those things that I know how to do as long as I am doing them on a regular basis, but the minute I stop doing them, I forget them. Poof! Just gone. And a quick release knot might be a useful thing to know when playing some of the games that Swampy mentioned. :o :wink:

I don’t know anything about Poker, but I play a mean game of Go Fish! :slight_smile:

As for obsession, well right now, all I am interested in is anime and manga. I watch it as much as possible, buy magazines and manga, listen to J-pop and the themes from the show.

I have a tendency to do this, though. I’ll get super involved in something for a while, then something else will catch my fancy. I won’t give it up entirely, for example, I’m always happy to read the Tarot for someone (a past interest), but it’s not like I carry the cards everywhere I go (not that I ever did this).

But then, again, I’m not trying to learn Japanese, nor do I dress up in costumes (not that there’s anything wrong with that), so there is a limit to my obsession.

I’ll shut up now, and stop blogging this thread. :slight_smile:

They’ve been showing a world poker championship on TV for the past couple weeks on the TV down in the exercise center when I go to work out. Now, it’s interesting to me, not as much for the games (deal cards - bet - deal cards - bet), but for me trying to figure out if it’s the same game I saw last week. That’s right - my big thrill is re-run spotting. Haven’t been able to figure out if I’ve seen the games before, though, so I still have to check. I did like the championship I saw last week - the guy who won - oops, maybe I should put a spoiler around this

Was an amateur - and he kicked the pro’s butts! In a quiet way, though. Very good at the poker face.

Wow - spoilers in the MMP - who would have thunk.

I didn’t do any kind of intellectual challenges this weekend - my brain was fried because my sleep schedule got screwed up early this week. I did go out twice with the same guy this weekend - met for coffee Sat & went to a show Sunday. All fun and games - and nobody lost an eye, which is really an accomplishment for me.

I might be having surprise guests tonight - but since I know they might be coming, it’s not truly a surprise, is it? Cousin & her three boys may be stopping by on their way down - they have a long drive, and I’m in a good pit stop location. So - some quick cleaning, and we’re ready for visit! Yay!


Isn’t that called the Kilroy Knot? (I know the description was here somewhere …)

Back in the 70s I also indulged in the fine old Scottish art of MacRame. I made a haggis holder. You can never have too much haggis!

My new obsession is the digital camera Zyada got me as a late birthday present. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been running around shooting everything. Good thing she didn’t buy me an Uzi.