Obsession du Jour

Wintermute, don’t worry, I’ll play Go Fish with you. I don’t know jack about Poker. I do, however, have some fond memories of playing Slap Jack with my dad! Ah, the nostalgia brought about by an MMP.

susan, I had a second date this weekend, and I’m happy to say, we both have the same number of eyes that we started the evening out with. Victory all around!

And I bet I could convince him to play cards with me. He’s a card magician. He’d probably beat the pants off of me, though.[sub]figuratively and maybe even literally! :o [/sub]

Och, aye, ‘tis th’ truth ye speak!

(Although, my grandfather’s name was Pittendrigh, I learned ‘zed’ before ‘z’, and still roll my R’s on certain words, I’ve never had haggis. Oh, the shame!)


Feh. Slap Jack is for amateurs.

The game you want to play is Egyptian Rat Screw. I played that a lot when I was a kid. All summer long, that’s what we did during camp. I played with one counselor who would play with his HS class ring. Which made the slapping part scarier.

Lemme get this straight: you MacRamed** a haggis holder?

**(took me a few readings to get the reference. cute - heehee)

Personally, right now I am thinking one of those macramed-and-beaded plant holders with the flat glass shelf would look great in a corner of my living room. Please sedate me, however, if I begin to wax nostalgic about my light green polyester hip huggers with the white halter top, and the denim platform sandal with the appliqued flowers.

Poker, knots, macrame, haggis… I still got nuttin’ to add.

So, I’ll hijack!

My sister is coming to see me this weekend! Well, my BIL is coming too and I’m glad he is. See, this Saturday I’m being given my official birthday party even though my birthday won’t be til the 29th. So, she’s coming to help celebrate the big 5-0. The whole shebang is at my place but I ain’t got to do any of the gettin’ ready for it except making sure the pool is clean cause I ain’t trusting that to nobody. It should be fun. I’m even gonna let somebody besides me use my big honkin’ new stainless steel grill with copper burners. I plans to do a lot of celebratory beer drinkin’ and pool floatin’ myself.

Thus ends the hijack.

That’s awful nice of you Shibb, but you don’t need to go to all that trouble. I was just using Texas Hold 'Em to get to my “All Girl Slap Jack All-Star Challenge” joke. I think it was worth it even if it confused you a might.

rjk it’s called the “Fighting Turk Monkey Stick”. Try to keep up.

But Screechy, those are oh so chic nowadays! :wink:

Another former macramer here. I remember doing a really cool belt for some white polyester hiphuggers for a first date with my ex BIL. (Don’t ask) Not much to say about Poker but I used to be a killer at UNO.

I had a FAAAABULOUS time on my vacation last week just in case anybody’s interested. I bet my golden tan would stack up against Swampy’s just dandy, thankewverymuch! The beach was sunny every day and my current BIL ordered some scrumptious lobster tails from New Brunswick that we had for dinner one night. I took Barbee Doll[sup]TM[/sup] and BIL out to dinner one night to a cool Italian restaurant that has courtyard seating in a lush, tropical setting and more scrumptious food. The noseeums were out though at night so that kinda put a damper on the late nights drinkin and carousing on the deck. Funny, though…seemed like there were fewer biting once you put a coupla cocktails under your belt. That’s all I got for now.

Tupug of the Golden Tan

Yeah, right, like I can resist asking about your first date with your ex brother-in-law. You know we live for those sorts of things. Spill.

Don’t you live down here? Where’d you go for vacation? And why bring lobster tails all the way from New Bowling Company?

Must I??? :o Okay, it’s not all that much of a story and let’s just say I blame it all on my Bohemian hippy druggy lifestyle of the 70s. Met BIL first, had major crush, BIL asked me out, met EX (Not to be confused with our Ex) while on the date and then it all gets fuzzy and I ended up married to EX. Fifteen years and two kids later he took up with a barmaid named Bobo and we split. And I thank the deity every single day since.

Why, yes, O-Town area to be more specific. We had a lovely little beach house rental over at New Symrna. And why the NB lobster? Cause current BIL is Canadian and has his loyalties plus they turned out to be cheaper than the prices he was quoted for the FL lobster.

Wow, thanks Rue, for answering an age old question that has been bothering me for years, to wit: “Is there anything more boring than tying knots?” I now know that yes, there is something more boring–reading about someone tying knots!

However, your rendition was significantly less boring than some people’s. The amazing Rue can even write excitingly about a dull subject (okay, that’s stretching it, but I just insulted our high pooh-bah and I don’t want to get blacklisted).

My next to oldest sister has always been a bit of a prude, at least when it comes to profane language. When my next to my age sister and I were both in high school, she (the prude sister, not my sister who was still in high school. They all married young, but not that young) got very angry at her husband because he was playing George Carlin’s album The 7 Words You Can’t Say on TV or Radion for us, even though it wasn’t even the title track. (Why am I telling you this? Just read on, all will be revealed).

So, when I was about 10 or 11, my BIL (who maybe wasn’t my brother-in-law yet, but would be and still is) taught us all a new card game (ah-ha, the connection). My sister told us the name of the game was “The Good Neighbor Game” and that’s what we called it for several years.

Cut to the summer before my senior year in high school. Having finally made some friends, I’m spending a weekend with said friends at a cabin on the river. In the evening, while listening, (over and over and over again in the timeless manner of teenage girls everywhere), to the newly released Eagles’ album Hotel California, we play cards. Getting tired of whatever we had been playing, I suggest the Good Neighbor game. After describing the game, I’m met with gales of laughter (okay, maybe just a snicker or two). It seems that the game I’ve been calling “The Good Neighbor” game is more commonly know as “Crap on Your Neighbor”, a name admittedly more in keeping with the central theme of the game, which is, of course, to screw the other guy so you can win, but I had always thought the name (Good Neighbor) was tongue in cheek.

The lesson to be learned? That’s easy. After an experience like this, one cannot fail to understand that Hotel California might just be one of the most perfect albums ever recorded (if it wasn’t for that sucky New Kid in Town, it would be the most perfect, but even genius sometimes falters).

This is, by far, the best part of the story.

As for the price of Canadian vs US lobster, I’m guessing it has something to do with price fixing by American pharmaceutical companies.

Welcome back Puggy! Glad yer all tanned and happy. BTW all you people envisioning me all dark brown and all… it’s really more golden brown. See, I does all my sunnin’ around the pool and most of the time I am in the water. I ain’t real big on the lyin’ around on chairs gettin’ tanned thing. I get hot when I do that.

Lobster. Ick. That’s all I’m sayin’ about it. So, if anybody ever gets it in mind to woo me, lobster won’t do it. Just so ya know.

Kalley “Hotel California” was popular my senior year in college. So, I am at least four years older than you. Unless you didn’t do real well in school or sump’n and we’re really the same age. I dunno.

Wintermute, don’t worry, I’ll play Go Fish with you.


Do you have any…fours?

:smack: Messed up the coding, but I think you know what I meant.

Who mentioned UNO? I used to play that by the hour with my sisters, but the card game I really like is Skip Bo, made by the same people who make UNO. With more than two players, it takes a while and you really run through the oversized deck, but I just love it.

No, no! Definitely the Kilroy knot. The picture of it was here. See the Turk’s Head and the two Monkey’s Fists? You just rediscovered it (and rate kudos for that!), but the first discoverer gets to assign the name.

Hmmm, well, I know naught about knots, but did do the obligatory macrame and lanyard thing in the 70s. I’ve forgotten how to do all that stuff now.

Poker…I’ve got nothing to add there…I used to play penny poker, way back when, but sadly have not played for years. I played UNO too, but can’t remember the last time I played it.

I do play 99 which is a simple, fun card game. It only requires basic math skills and remembering that A=1 or 11; 9=99 (always); 10=negative 10; 7=pass; and 8=reverse. All the other other cards are their normal face values. Two decks of cards are used (the jokers are discarded). The object of the game is to get to 99 and not go over it. Everyone is dealt three cards. After the deal the first card from the draw pile is flipped up and the next player adds to the value of the card flipped up. Once a player lays down his card he/she must remember to draw, or, he/she is screwed is stuck with only two cards for the entire game. The object is not to go over 99 and not be put out because you can’t play (i.e, go past 99 or have a 7,8, 8, or 10). It is a fun game, especially when a few drinks are added to the mix.

We played this game Saturday night. Hubby and I lost 30 bucks, but it was fun.

I am on VACATION! Unfortunately it is only a week long, but it is better than nuttin’. I had to move up my planned vacation due to my starting my new job on the 26th. I felt it would be rather tacky to start my new job and then take two weeks of vacation a week after I had started. I’m kinda bummed, but hell, the new job is a raise, so I can suck it up and drive on. Some of my original plans had to be canceled, but we managed to set aside some time to go camping this week, so that’ll be nice.

Well, I must be going. I need to do SOMETHING productive around the house today.

We play a lot of UNO in my family. And SkipBo. But what gets us going is a rousing game o’ cribbage or 3-13. Blood, sweat, tears, gnashing of teeth all occur when we get going.

Maybe we need a new hobby. Like knot tying. However, I fear that would lead to a scary B&D incident- hopefully not between my mom and dad.

Knot tying? Who needs knot tying? That’s why God invented Velcro! :smiley:

Hey now, that hurts. It’s not like I make anyone read these things. I just throw something out there so everyone else knows where to toss their 2¢. I can stop, you know. Anytime I want.

I am humbled before your knot-knowlege rjk. Never again shall I doubt you.

Also, did anyone notice ponchos are back? They were in all the flyers this weekend. (I had to get a new pair of pants and I thought I’d see who had what on sale before I went shopping.) Ponchos. But just girly ponchos. No good boy ponchos. That makes me sad. I think I’d look gooooood in a snazzy poncho.

And a sombrero.


Wait. Then we could call you Ole DeDay. How rhyme-y!

Maybe I should get a pancho. You know, just in case it rains. Because it’s oh so likely to happen around these parts…

:: hands Wintermute the 4 of diamonds ::

You all talking about card games and vacations gets me all excited for my vacation - I leave 2 weeks from Friday! Yay! Yay! We play lots of cards - Nertz, Hand and Foot, Spider, Pit, Kings in the Corner, Clock, Hearts…all sorts of games! And a lot of times it’s on the beach - it’s fun keeping score in the sand.

I want to leave on my vacation right now. <pout>