Obvious things about a creative work you realize after the millionth time (OPEN SPOILERS POSSIBLE)

Ah, right - I mistook it for the ending.

Is it already out of the box when we see it in the procession at the end?

Submarines have cargo hatches. Here’s a film of a torpedo being loaded into a submarine.

It’s out of the crate when Indy threatens to blow it up with an RPG, which I think is the next time we see the Ark after the crate scorching scene.

As is well known, the ark is gilded, not solid gold.
Exodus 25:10-22 ESV - The Ark of the Covenant - “They shall - Bible Gateway

There is a suggestion that a gilded acacia -wood structure of that size might have enough capacitance to accumulate a fatal charge: I’ll give you a link to the skeptics, but note that their analysis is rubbish.
history - Could the Ark of the Covenant have killed by acting as a capacitor? - Skeptics Stack Exchange

What’s rubbish about it? Calculating the capacitance of a capacitor with those dimensions is trivial.

That hatch is just big enough for the torpedo, and too small for the Ark. I don’t know if German torpedoes (during WWII) were any larger.

They were 3 feet longer, but the same diameter.

I thought that if you take it out of the box, the value drops dramatically…

Which they didn’t do. I didn’t mind linking to it, but it’s fair to note that their analysis is rubbish.

Please do so. It may be trivial, but I don’t know how to do it. Could the Ark have been a capacitor that could kill someone?

That right there is in my Holy Scriptures Full Of Shit I Desperately Want To Be True.

Oh, and in my Bible, the prophets of the Ba’al movement had their faces melt off, too (I Kings 18:40, Graphic Version).

Don’t mix religion and science. It’s an insult to science.

I’m still interested to hear the answer.

You know on Looney Tunes… the little black African warrior-kid who runs around hunting, runs into a lion occasionaly, a Minah Bird a lot?

Inki? Neat name…thought so for years. I’m aware of the controversies. Don’t think its that big of a de…wait…Inki? INKi?


Can anyone answer this question? It has me interested. I don’t know anything about how a capacitor works, nor the level of power required to kill someone.


Not quite on point, but Mythbusters did a segment on the “Baghdad Batter” and included a sub-segment on using it to power a shock delivered through an Ark of the Covenant replica. They concluded it could have delivered a mild shock, but not enough to actually kill anyone. I don’t think they tested using the Ark as a capacitor in and of itself.

Is the reference that his skin is black like ink? I have to admit, I do not remember this character. Is it racist and the company stopped selling it?


“Inki” sounds like it could be a name in an African language. The character is literally made of ink, being animated. And, oh, he just happens to be Black. And an embodiment of pretty much every contemporaneous stereotype about Africans.

So, yeah, I think it’s an “obvious thing about a creative work” that it’s a reference to his skin color.

And, yeah, the company stopped circulating his shorts because in 1950 he was considered an offensive caricature.

I saw the Inki and the Mynah Bird cartoons on TV in the 50s and 60s before they were phased out.

It’s a shame, not so much for Inki, but for the mynah bird, who is one of Chuck Jones’s greatest creations.

Supposedly, Walt Disney showed the cartoon to his animators asking what the hell was going on.

The capacitance of a capacitor is equal to epsilon times the dielectric constant of the filling times the area of the plates, divided by the separation between the plates. According to Wikipedia, the Ark was about 131x79x79 cm, for a total area of about 5.4 m^2 (including the lid). I can’t find any figure for the thickness, but it surely wouldn’t be less than a centimeter. epsilon is a fundamental constant, and wood’s dielectric constant is only around 2.5 . Put it all together, and we’re looking at around 10^-8 farad.