Obvious things about a creative work you realize after the millionth time (OPEN SPOILERS POSSIBLE)

I briefly checked, and in the book the Leprechaun makes a point of telling Shadow that the coin did not belong to him (so, definitely not his Lucky Coin, though OTOH he looks and acts like he was in withdrawal from something), that it was for royalty and not the likes of him, that he should not have been able to take it in the first place, and that he was in big trouble. Then he turns up quite dead because (according to him) Shadow lost the “golden sun”. And of being forgotten. So it seems the coin represents something, but nothing as straightforward as “luck”.

Right, it’s the coin of a King. I thought it was the Leprechaun’s Lucky Coin, but I may be misremembering that bit.

Right, and I took the fact that Shadow could take it as evidence that Shadow was the rightful holder of the coin, and thus that he was the True King of America. But, from what I’m being told in this thread, that’s wrong, and he was actually Baldr.

Anyway, the AMERICAN GODS bit still fits.

That too makes him royal.

That’s not blackface. Not even a little.

Watching Glory for the umpteenth time this afternoon. I just noticed for the first time that during the 54ths first taste of combat on James Island they are initially exchanging volleys with the Confederates without bayonets attached to their rifles. But when Col Shaw gives the order to charge, suddenly the entire regiment has fixed bayonets.

I’ve often wondered why the part of Vazquez wasn’t played by either Rachel Ticotin or Maria Conchita Alonso.

As I understand it, the character wasn’t even originally planned to be Hispanic (presumably the name was different). Goldstein saw the name of the movie, and assumed that it would be about immigrants, not the other sort of aliens, and came to the audition in makeup. And so impressed the casting director that she got the part.

Though now that I type that all out, I admit that that looks an awful lot like an urban legend.

Oh, good, just in time, eh? Well, glad they got them fixed!


eta: As descendants of Col. Shaw, our family is obligated to make fun of that movie…

Apparently, it’s true.

Not quite:

"So she showed up at the audition wearing “high heels and lots of makeup, and I had waist-length hair.”

What got her the job was her physique, I don’t think the makeup she wore to the audition was an attempt to make her look Hispanic. The ad for the audition just was looking for Americans.

Ha! In your face, Telemark!

The article also points out that while Goldstein is part Jewish, she is also part Hispanic (and part Moroccan).

So it was when she was playing an Irish character in Titanic, that she was faking her ethnicity.

Lethal Weapon was just on HBO or something last night.

Riggs and Murtaugh presumably had similar salaries as LAPD police sergeants. Why did Riggs live in a dilapidated trailer on the beach? He was depressed about his wife’s death, not financially destitute. Murtaugh was able to afford to raise a family in a decent house in LA, plus he had a boat.

Maybe Murtagh’s wife worked?

Wasn’t Murtagh’s wife a successful novelist?

Jennette Bras has a shop in my town that sponsors the local NPR station, so I hear ads for it all the time. Had no idea it was, presumably, owned by Goldstein.

This was addressed in one of the sequels.

Murtaugh was being investigated by the IG office because he was apparently living well above what he could afford on his salary. So the IG suspected he was taking bribes. It was revealed that the extra money was coming from his wife, who was writing best-selling romance novels under a pseudonym.

I think I vaguely remember that. Still. Riggs did seem like the only LADP officer living like bobo. Jenette Goldstein even had an in-ground swimming pool to get blow’d up by South Africans while diving into.

Rick Harrison of TV’s Pawn Stars sports a hearing aid in his right ear in some episodes. I think I’d seen most of them before I first noticed it.

Is he losing hearing or is it a bug for him to hear from producers, like the ones a live sportscaster might wear?