Obvious things about a creative work you realize after the millionth time (OPEN SPOILERS POSSIBLE)

Spaz is a slur based on “spastic” people.

Rick = Doc Brown

In the US people have forgotten the origins of the insult and it’s sort of morphed into a generic, mildly rude “energetically uncoordinated” insult (and not even always an insult).

In the UK it is very much remembered that it’s a nasty slur against people with cerebral palsy. Hence the recent reversals and apologies from Beyonce and Lizzo (and, a while back, even Weird Al).

Yes and no. There are a lot of Americans who never used the term. There are a lot of them who learned within the past few years that it is considered offensive. The apology from Weird Al Yankovic was in 2014, so there has knowledge of how offensive it is since at least then. So there is knowledge of the problems with the term since at least then, although the knowledge isn’t as great as in the U.K.

I’m not aware of a Muppet named Spaz. Perhaps on a non-English version of them?

@Pavelb1 was clearly referring to the muppet called Animal, who I think they are saying acted in a way that they associate with the term spaz.

Got it! The Muppet “Animal.”

Huh. I missed all three of those apologies. Good to learn. I never knew by of the associations.

Just realized last night that the title of 80s vampire film The Lost Boys is a Peter Pan reference.

That’s a little surprising. They point out the Peter Pan parallels throughout the film.

Tbf Miller didn’t say he missed all of them, just that he missed one.

This thread is about OBVIOUS things that people missed.

It’s still surprising

There’s “obvious” and then there’s “It’s literally on the movie poster” obvious :smiley:

“What is a “movie poster,” Grandpa?”

It’s someone who posts about movies, obviously.

There have been posts in this thread about obvious things on movie posters that people missed.

Ok, I get it’s a short shot and “Otisburg” is the obvious joke, but




“Miss Teschmacher, she’s got her own place.”