Obviously, I Should Take A Break From Posting

Actual conversation that took place not ten minutes ago:

Friend: Hey, I forgot my wallet. Can I borrow a few bucks for lunch?
Me: Sure. I’m hungry too…I’ll walk down to the cafeteria with you.
Friend: Thanks.
Me: No problem. I’m little low on cash, though. We’ll have to stop at the ATMB.


Wow. I never knew we could withdraw cash here…


/smacks side of ATMB in frustration.

Should never have posted my PIN number. :frowning:

Cash in the ATMB? What were you thinking?

Everyone knows Great Debates is giving a better interest rate.

Is that to use at the ATM Machine at the MASH Hospital for treatment due to LASER radiation? I’d look on the MSN Network, but my USB Bus is preventing me from doing so.

IMO opinion, the SDMB Board is the best!


My gosh, your posting is an egregious example of poor grammar.
I am shocked to see a posting such as that on the SDMB message board.
How well did you do on the English section of your SAT tests?

A few nights ago I had a nightmare that I’d absentmindedly created a sock. Worried me no small amount, especially since right off the bat I started a GD thread (I don’t remember the topic or the name of the sock except that the name was three words with no spaces, it started with The and the beginning of the other two words was a consonant).

Stop at the ATMB and then off to the BBQ Pit for lunch.

Sometimes I feel like the usage fee here is a lot cheaper over an ATM.

Dude, chill thee out.

don’t ask: Don’t forget a quick stop in Cafe Society for coffee! :smiley:

That must explain my yelling “Cite” at news commentators all the time.

Uh, he was playing along with my ribbing of CynicalGabe. Note the superfluous “message boards” and “tests”.

:o slinks off, head hanging downwards

Thanks munch. I’m glad you could see the humorous intent in my posting.
Sorry Kytheria I didn’t mean for you to be “wooshed”.