Ocean Pacific Sunware Is Back!

At Walmart:eek:
This was a brand that every kid who wanted to be a surfer (in the 1970’s) had to have-remember thos corduroy shorts and sandals?
Only know, its been resurrected at a cheap-ass crapshop.
Still, maybe the quality is OK.
I always liked the brand-I wonder who owns it now?


That brings back memories: I had a college roommate in the early to mid 80s who wore Ocean Pacific shirts almost every day.

Thanks for the link…I was surprised how many brands this outfit owns.
For old times sake, I bought an OP shirt at Crapmart-surprisingly, the quality is not bad (for a shirt retailing for $7.00)-we’ll see after the first wash!

Was it only big in the 70s? I was a child in the 80s and I remember thinking it was pretty awesome then. Too bad Wal-Mart depresses me about 9 different ways, or I’d go check it out.