Ocean's Twelve (spoilers)

I watched Ocean’s Twelve the other night and while it was okay I was not overwhelmed. But I do have a question. What was the reason for the gang’s plan to steal the egg from the museum? As was later revealed, they had already stolen the actual egg on the train and knew that the one in the museum was a duplicate. The whole point was to beat the Nightfox to stealing the egg and once they had done that the competition was over. So why go through the charade of pretending the egg was still in the museum and getting almost everyone arrested?

I realize the real explanation was because it part of the plot to keep the movie going but was there some explanation given in the movie that I missed?

I had the same question after I saw the movie. I can’t remember what the answer was though, sorry!

Something to do with putting one over on Nightfox, I think.

I thought it was to put one over on anyone paying money for this turkey. (Had to go because my MIL wanted to see it.)

That was the theory a friend of mine at work offered. But I can’t see what the point was. They were racing to steal the egg first. Considering the whole point was to collect money from Nightfox for winning the race, why would they conceal the fact that they had won? Especially when they were facing a literal deadline to pay the money to Benedict. And why risk breaking into the museum and getting arrested (which is what happened) when they wasn’t anything inside it to steal?

Compared to this plothole, the biggest plothole in Ocean’s Eleven was insignificant.

For that matter, what would have happened if Nightfox had gotten arrested while he was breaking into the museum? Then the gang would have faced the problem of not having him around to pay them for winning. They would have had to figure out a way to break Nightfox out of prison before the deadline in order to collect their money.

See? I just wrote a plot that was better than the one they used.

It made no sense at all. I’ve watched the movie four times and it’s simply a colossal, gapaing plot hole.

It fools the audience, and that’s it.

Little Nemo’s idea is way better. That would have been cool.

A gaping plot hole? In Ocean’s Twelve? Say it ain’t so!

Nope–somewhere in the organization of the contest, it’s mentioned that Lamarque will be the judge and hold the money.

Not that there aren’t other plot holes, of course. :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone- producers, director, actors- much cared that there were plot holes. I can’t imagine that they went into the project thinking that they were going to construct an intricate and perfectly planned caper movie; rather they signed on because it seemed like fun and it was was just convoluted enough to fool many people into thinking it was airtight and crafty. From what I’ve read about the movie, Soderbergh, Clooney, Pitt and Damon, they were pretty much just riding the wave of *Ocean’s Eleven * and jumped at the opportunity to travel all over the world while filming what is essentially a buddy flick.

I actually like the movie but only because I don’t rely on the plot to carry the movie for me- I just enjoy some of the scenes and the reaction shots, line readings, and situations they find themselves in. Like the scene with Matsui when Damon makes a fool of himself, and the way Clooney just kind of stares at him; Clooney’s delivery of “five” when Pitt asks him how many espressos he’s had after The Night Fox gives him the fake wake-up call; the soundtrack, etc.

Plus, if they had revealed that they stole the Egg before the Night Fox went through his whole song and dance about being the best by stealing it from the museum, it wouldn’t have been as big a [Nelson voice] “ha ha!” [end Nv] as it was.

I love this movie. I can’t help it. Yes, there are plot holes that you could drive Indy’s submarine through. As McNew states, a lot of it is delivery, a lot of it is the music – I love the music to this and O11 and yes, I bought the soundtracks to each.

I would put forward the following [del]rationalization[/del] reason for the whole egg-stealing-contest charade. It wasn’t to fool the Nightfox. It was to fool the girl, Isabel Lahiri. The whole thing was to put her in a position where she would be amenable to leaving town, leaving her job, leaving her life.

Gah! All I can remember about this movie is the horrible plot device of having the character played by Julia Roberts pretend to be Julia Roberts.

I think it would have worked better if it had been in the first movie. But for it suddenly to become an issue among a group of people who have supposedly known each other for months made it seemed forced.

Possibly they were worried that if he knew they’d stolen the egg, that he’d steal it back from them before they got it to Lemarque? He is the better thief, so it’s not that unreasonable. And at the point when they did tell him, the egg was already with Lemarque.

Maybe they will clear it up in Ocean’s Thirteen.

Actually, I don’t believe that. I just found out there’s an Ocean’s Thirteen in the works and was stunned. That feeling intensified when I saw the IMdb discussion board talking about Jennifer Lopez being in it like that was a good thing.