OC's me and Shaan made when we were preteens

http://imgur.com/gallery/bUfYY A cowardly, evil, lazy British tiger named Orangestripes http://imgur.com/gallery/zsQI3 A British mad genius dog named Smart Dog http://imgur.com/gallery/zDXXW A 4-year-old puppy named Scruffy http://imgur.com/gallery/COwuS A King Charles Spaniel named Emily http://imgur.com/gallery/IsaFb Orangestripes’ American 7-year-old son http://imgur.com/gallery/ZvDNg A wise British dog named Brownspot
http://imgur.com/gallery/fpkeT A dog whose catchphrase is "yo, bro"named Hal
http://imgur.com/gallery/lxWY5 A dog named Truffles
http://imgur.com/RyGGbkD A dog that says nothing but “woh” named Spot
http://imgur.com/gallery/Nx5LH A donkey named Dumb Donkey
http://imgur.com/gallery/9cBsP An evil stone parrot
http://imgur.com/gallery/hgiMI An evil crocodile
http://imgur.com/gallery/1xqPv An evil one-eyed macaw

Who is Shaan? And are all these things from the claw machine?

Either nonsense or self publicity, reported.

Ok, Trish. There’s some stuff you’re going to have to understand here.

First, you posted this OP to two different forums of the board. This is called cross-posting (or, less charitably, spamming) and is expressly against the board rules.

Second, you posted this in the BBQ Pit, and Cafe Society. The purpose of the BBQ Pit is for rants and picking fights with other posters. The purpose of Cafe Society is to discuss arts and culture, and also television. Your OP fits in neither forum. In fairness, I’m not entirely sure we have a forum for this kind of nonsense. Maybe MPSIMS, but I respect the mods over there too much to move this there.

Third, if a mod closes one of your threads, don’t open an effectively identical thread a couple hours later. Your thread was closed for a reason.

I’m giving you a formal warning for… let’s go with “Ignoring Mod Instructions” for this one. I suggest you read the rules and the forum descriptions carefully before you start any more threads.

I’d also recommend severely increasing your “coherent” to “nonsense” ratio.