October 14th is matt_mcl's - welcome him into being 21!!!


If it’s too badly worn there’s always Viagra.


Yeah and it’s time you touched them up!

Happy happy!

Happy birthday, Matt :slight_smile:

I think that the answer to everyone’s forgetting that you are only 21 today may be that you have a maturity of looks and action well beyond your years.

hopefully, iampunha will run naked thru MY birthday thread, on Nov. 26…

Arigatou gozaiimasu, folks. And especially to Hastur, who gets mega smoochies for starting this thread. SMOOCH

So…? Whadja get?

Besides the leather jacket from your father…

…and a nasty case of genital warts… ::d&r::

flattens scott evil with giant anime mallet

No, really, what did you get?

I got a book on drawing shoujo manga, a Dilbert collection and a Pet Shop Boys music video collection from Hamish. My folks gave me a sweater, a shirt, a Discman, a toaster, and a ham. :slight_smile:

A toaster? I’da thought you’d already have one of those;)

[sub]vanilla, you may well get your wish. Memory is a terrible thing to waste:)[/sub]

A ham?

OK… :confused:

So the leather jacket wasn’t for your birthday?

My toaster died, the ham was left over from Thanksgiving, and the leather jacket was sort of for my birthday (I left it out because you already mentioned it).


Approximate Phonetic Chinese Version of “Happy Birthday”: (thanks, Nathan!)

“Guung juuk nay fook sow yuen teen tsai, hing hong nay sun sun fie lok. Leen leen doe yao gum yut, suuy doe yao gum jzew, guung hay nay! Guung hay nay!!!”

Approximate English Translation of Above:

“Congrats on this good day of fortune, where we can all gather together. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Every year, this wondrous day arrives; Always, this wondrous time comes. Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Have a very happy birthday, Matt. You do seem so much older than 21. I enjoy reading your posts, and thanks for helping me out that time with all those Canadian questions. (yes, I should know more about Canada than I do… :o)

At least it sounded like you had a good one, and I hope you have many hours of fun viewing the Pet Shop Boys video collection. (and as for learning how to draw manga, I hope you can learn how to do that smoothly)

Hope you have an excellent year, and happiness all around! :slight_smile:



I’ve just spent the last twenty minutes alternately hugging soft objects, crying, and bouncing about in a grotesquely chibi fashion.

My boo’s care package arrived today.

It contains:
-a box of chocolates;
-a package of cookies;
-a package of heart-shaped candies;
-a raver bracelet;
-a pink disco ball;
-a bottle opener that says “Heaven doesn’t want me and Hell is afraid I’ll take over”;
-a CD;
-the Romance edition of Magnetic Poetry;
-a watercolour painting;
-his favourite sweater;
-and his little stuffed dog.

AAAAAAAAAAGH!!! swoons The sweater SMELLS like him. I’ve been hugging it to my chest and inhaling, tears brimming to my eyes. I’m going insane down here.

Tom is the world’s sweetest, most unbelievably, mindtwistingly romantic guy in the whole wide world. Gahbibble! bounce

I’m going to cry again now.


That is wonderful, Matt.

Aawwww. Sounds like you have a wondrous man in your life :slight_smile: Big hooray!

Happy Birthday Matt!

here’s to a happy, peaceful and productive year!

(i’ll be joining you as an official old person in april)

i hope you avoided the sort of people who like to get you really drunk and chain you to lamposts on landmark birthdays…