October 14th is matt_mcl's - welcome him into being 21!!!

Happy birthday, dear one!

Let’s build him up through our greetings as he will be away until October 15th!


happy birthday matt_mcl !!

Well matt, congratulations! Now you can come across the border to VT and drink.

Oh wait, that doesn’t work quite as well in that direction…
Well, happy birthday anyway!

Looking forward to meeting you later this month.

Why O why do I keep thinking you’re so much older than 21??

Me too - tend to think he is older than 21, that is. Have a great birthday, matt_mcl :slight_smile:

I always thought matt_mcl was at least 30.

I have a great birthday, we’ll pray you remember most of it. :smiley:

Happy birthday, matt.

You were always one of my favourites around here. We have a handful of stuff in common - we’re both gay Unitarians who live in Quebec.

PS, Not that it matters, but you share a birthday with Madonna’s beautiful little girl. She’s 15 years younger than you are.

PPS, Happy Thanksgiving.

You’re only 21 matt? No way-I don’t believe it!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, matt, you great dirty métrophile linguist, you.

Happy birthday matt. :smiley:

It’s pretty cool, having a birthday on the anniversery of the Battle of Hastings.

One of my favorite things about the SDMB is how we’e watched so many of 1999’s teenagers grow into such fantastic adults.

'Grats, Matt.

::runs naked through thread::

I hope I haven’t worn that out completely:wink:

Wait I know! He’s much older in metric!

(In my best Bill Murray Lounge Lizard voice:)

Happy little birth daaaay…to you
Happy little birth daaaay…to you, you knucklehead
Happy crazy little 21st BIIRRRRTHHH DDAAAAYY, Dear Matt, you whacky dude!
Happy little wild and crazy birth daaaaay, to yoooouuu!

I love you, man!

Multiply by 1.4 to get his age in Canadian years. :slight_smile:

{sigh} they grow up so quickly…

[crazed groupie]EEEEE![/crazed groupie]

happy birthday Matt! (Why do I always forget that you’ve only got six months on me?)

Happy birthday matt! ::smooches::

Just for today, I’ll refrain from initiating slapsie fights.

JUST FOR TODAY. :stuck_out_tongue:

And where the f*ck were you on my birthday, huh? :wink:

Hope you have a great day. Celebrate along with the metro - 15 years your senior, babe.

I should also mention that matt’s metro web site is a year old today, with 25290 hits!! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, mon petit Many happy more.

Happy birthday, matt_mcl. You have very solid roots. :wink: