I'm turning 21 today

At around six o’clock, I think.

And I have the day off from work–so I’m lazing about in my pajamas, watching the second season of Futurama and having a long hot shower and getting some writing done. It’s quiet and still outside, threatening rain, and the dog is napping while my brother plays on his computer.

Life is good. :slight_smile:

So we’re almost 11 years apart. I turn 32 later this year.

Happy birthday, Kyth. Hope it’s a good one.

Merry Birthday!

‘What day is today?
It’s Kythereia’s Birthday,
What a great day for a Birthday,
Let’s all have some cake!’

‘And you smell like one too!’


Congratulations and happy birthday! Welcome to the world of bills, fine print, and worry. No, wait, that’s after you leave school.

Ehhh… you’re young. Have fun. Travel. Rent a car and drive through Algonquin Park. Hang out in youth hostels, cafes in far cities, and remote landscapes. Follow dreams. Take trains. See places that are different. Learn languages. Sing. Draw. Pursue love.

The real crap doesn’t kick in until after you turn thirty, anyways. :slight_smile:

Go walk around Kensington Market and buy something cool for yourself.

Happy birthday!

Sounds like a perfect birthday!

So you’ve still got a few good years left. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

On my 21st (lo, many years ago) I had 2 Long Island Iced Teas… or, at least, that’s all I actually remember drinking.:smiley:

Have fun!



Happy birthday darling. I’m slaving away here at work, studying like a bastard for this job. Blah.

One advantage you have as a Canadian – many USA companies won’t let you rent a car until you turn 25.

Happy birthday, Kythereia! I’m told I was born around 10 p.m., which may help explain why I’m a night person.

Heh, and I’m 11 years older than you.

Happy Birthday Ky!

Happy Birthday!

I will have an extra shot of vodka for you tonight.

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life!

(Drink a beer for me!) :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Kyth! One day, you’ll be an old woman, like me. :smiley:

I shall make a pan of brownies in your honour today, as an offering to the great goddess who eventually got my gender correct. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday, Kythereia!

Will someone call you on your birth-minute?
I’m 38 years old, and my mom still does that to me. Hehe! Love ya mom!

Thank you so much, everyone! passes out champagne, chocolate kisses, and stray party hats

It’s like wine–you’re 11 years better. :wink:

I promise to get drunk and get up to shenanigans in your honour! And I’ll try to hold onto a piece of cake for you. And you, too, Anastaseon, to whom I still owe a lot of grovelling (I’m sorry!).

Sternvogel, I was apparently born during a thunderstorm. And I’m a Cancer–a crab. Way to get cosmically shafted. :smack: Tahssa, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which is admittedly not much…)

SiouxChief, I’ve never heard of that, but that sounds brilliant. Happy (early? belated?) birthday to you!

And now, thanks to Sunspace, Vlad/Igor, Khadaji, and Astroboy14, I now have a checklist of things to do. Later, all.

exit, chasing after olivesmarch4th, clacking fins and making Zoidberg noises

Sorry for joining the party late. Happy Birthday, Kythereia. Hey, it sure is dark in here. Wait, where did everybody go?!?

Damn, I got here too late. :smack: Well, I’ll try again next year.

SSG Schwartz