Happy Birthday Nika!

Tomorrow (Saturday 17th) is Nika’s 21st birthday.

Please now, everyone help me in this wonderfull day

Happy 21st Nika! Have fun and be careful if you’re going to drink. Please make sure one of your friends will be a DD, or get a cab.

Anyway, have fun, have some drinks, get yourself laid.

::tapes up baloons and streamers to the ceiling::

Who’s got the whiskey sours?

:: staggering and slurring his speech ::

Not another party?!?!? You folks are gonna kill me!

Happy big one, baby! :: gooses Nika ::


Hippy, Hoppy, Happy Birthday, Nika! Congrats on turning legal - woo hoo!!! :smiley:

Now that you’re legal, are you going to come to the Doper Fest in Las Vegas? I’m sure the SDMB would love to see you lose all your money…err…meet you!

You must be really enjoy the boards–I see you posting all over the place: 143 posts in six days.

Handy, watch out!

Thanks Guys! I appreciate being thought of. The 21 thing is not a big deal, I am not a big drinker and well, in Ontario we can drink legally at 19. I do like to be cared about though. Thanks :smiley:

Happy, Happy Birthday, Nika! Hope you have a truly Awesome day planned to celebrate this milestone in your life! :smiley:

<And don’t worry, the older you get, the farther away the top of the hill seems to get!> :wink:
<tripping over a balloon that fell from the ceiling> Now, where are the drinks? This early in the day, I’d better stick with a soda or iced tea. For now.
Way :cool:, girlfriend! Here’s to many more!