Tomorrow is my birthday

I’m turning 19 (I know, I’m a young lil’ bastard). 19 seems like such a pointless age. I’m still gonna be a teenager, but I don’t get anything cool. I don’t get to drink (legally), I don’t get to go to strip clubs (legally), I don’t get a million dollars from the government (legally). What’s the point of turning 19?

Oh well… anybody have any good ideas about what I should do to celebrate my birthday?

happy birthday
i know how you feel 20 is just as bad as 19, you dont get to do anyhting cool. i just turned 20 a month ago. oh there is a strip club around where i live, its an 18+ club, no alcohol, only juice,

Spoofe, honey, enjoy every moment of your youth. Trust me, it is fleeting. You’ll get there (the legal stuff) soon enough. Then, before you know it, you’ll be a crochety old man, wishing you were 19 again.

Happy Birthday, Spoofe!! Now go out and Par-Tay and have some fun!!!

Happy birthday! I hated 19, too! But it goes away.

happy birthday big buddy.

your’e right, 19 is pointless, so don’t turn 19, turn 21, and do it for two more years as well.

or pimp yourself out to all those sexy older women that love underaged men.

party hard, get really toasted, puke, get a hangover, and swear on your life you’ll never drink again, then down a shot of vodka.

form a really great birthday gathering of AD&D with people older then you that can supply the alcohol.
and forget to play AD&D.

and then invite some strippers over.

If you lived down here you’d be of legal age to do everything and anything.
Happy birthday mate.

May all your star destroyers ruthlessly destroy any federation craft they come accross without having to worry about warp speed.
Wow - what a card that would make!!!

Many happy returns, Spoofe. Someday you’ll wish you were 19 again, trust me. :smiley:

Happy birthday!!

You’re lucky–when I turned 19, I was either cramming for finals or catching up on the sleep I deprived myself of when I was cramming for finals…

Then there’s the proximity to Christmas thing, but I know I’ve already bitched about that.

Congratulations to the man who started one of the longer and more interesting threads in SDMB history!

Happy Birthday! Why don’t you just hop on a plane and come visit me here in Germany? You can do just about all that stuff here.

BTW, I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in Germany, then moved back to the States for college. Eek! Then, right before I turned 21 my stupid self had to get pregnant.

Hope I haven’t made you feel worse. If it’s any consulation, I can’t drink now, either. And I’m here where the good beer is!

Happy Birthday, SPOOFER.

May you live to drink a million beers.

When you’re old enough.

Happy Birthday,

As much as you don’t believe any of them they are all right. Someday you will wish you had 19 back. Live for the present while you can!!!

Psst. I put the 12 pack in your back seat in a plain brown bag. Shhh… :smiley:

SPOOFE, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday too! All the things you wish you were old enough to do are fleeting. They won’t matter much in a few years. Do enjoy 19! My 19-year-old twin sisters certainly seem to be!

DRY, I was getting used to seeing Shakespeare from you; what happened to all the marvelous quotations? :frowning:

Tatertot, I’ve missed along the way that you live in Germany! Groovy. A friend of mine, who is German, spends her summers back home with her family, returning to Kentucky each fall. I always feel soooo provencial around some of my friends (and now internet friends too!)

Not to gloat or anything, but my state’s alcohol laws happened to sing along in perfect harmony for my aging process:

When I turned 18, 3.2 beer still existed and you could buy it at 18. 18, therefore, was old enough to get into bars (where you could generally get regular beer anyway) and old enough to buy beer at the store (even if it was 3.2, it was exhilerating to just walk up to the counter and plunk it down without fear).

During the time between 18 and 19, 3.2 beer was abolished, and the drinking age for 6.0 lowered from 21 to 19, so as soon as I turned 19, I was good for normal beer.

The broad change of legal drinking age for everything to 21 took place just after my 21st birthday, so those who were just now turning 19 had to wait two more years. Two whole years of drinking that I didn’t have to miss out on.

Umm… I guess I think that’s a good thing…Maybe…

Regardless…Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday!

But believe me, 20 is worse. You’re not 21, so no drinking, clubbing, etc. You’re not a teenager, but you’re an adult for legal purposes, which means when you get in trouble you can do some serious time. :frowning:

And now at 35, I don’t really look forward to birthdays. I guess because since now I technically can become President of the US, there are no restrictive milestones to pass. (Unless getting senior discounts is worth waiting for.)

Damn! I was going to wish you “Happy Birthday Tomorrow”, but I see you posted yesterday.

So I’ll just have to say “Belated Happy Birthday Tomorrow!”

“Give you a reason on compulsion!
If reasons were as plentiful as blackberries,
I would give no man a reason upon compulsion, I.”
–Henry IV, Part 1, Act 2, Scene IV

Part of the issue is:

“I was not born under a rhyming planet”
–Much Ado About Nothing, Act 5, Scene ii

I like doing these, but they aren’t as easy as they appear, and it takes a bit of effort to come up with an appropriate one for many situations. Birthday threads are one such situation.

Also, there was a concern that I might be overdoing these, if’n anyone was even paying attention to them. I wouldn’t these quotes to get overly tiresome:

“being daily swallow’d by men’s eyes,
They surfeited with honey and began
To loathe the taste of sweetness, whereof a little
More than a little is by much too much.”
–Henry IV, Part 1, Act 3, Scene ii

If you (any of you) really like seeing them, though, I’ll try a little more to get a few into my replies. Thank you for the compliment, Ellen!

Happy birthday again to Spoofe! If you haven’t gone out and celebrated yet, I hope you’ll do so this weekend! (And if you do, please be sure to tell us how it went!)
Gosh, I wish I were still in my late teens/early twenties. :frowning:

I guess this is enough for one e-mail.

“Good orators, when they are out, they will spit”
–As You Like It, Act 4, scene i