October 16: The Polls Opened In Nevada Today - Seriously!

I had never heard of “early voting” until I moved to Nevada. In the last election, and now this time, they have the polls open from October 16 to the 29th, and then again on November 2nd.

You can go to any mall in the city, they have the voting booths set up, give your name and address, they verify your signature on the laptops, and you go to a voting booth. They use touch screens, you simply touch the screen to vote for each candidate and initiative, and then when you are done, you can review the paper print out (under glass) and that is it.

So – I voted today (should come as no surprise to those who know me that Kerry got a vote from me) and there were quite a few people in line in front of me, and behind me.

They found that in the last election, about 50% of the people voted in this “early election” process.

Very convenient. They should do this in more states.

Are you guys voting on marijuana legalization again?

We would have except…and you are going to love this…the idiots who collected the signatures, FORGOT to turn in several thousand signatures. And even with that idiocy, they only barely didn’t get enough signatures to put it on the ballot.

Much hilarity in the local news as to the cause of “forgetting” to turn in the signatures they themselves collected.


What a heinous bummer. They like, thought for sure it was going pass this time, dude.

When does it come up again?

It can be put on any general election ballot. If the idiots put the bong down long enough, no reason not to try again in a year or two.

BTW…the guy who knocked on my door for the signature was from New Zealand…we had a nice chat and he was just passing through town and going door to door as a favor for some friends. He told me about half the doors he knocked on signed the petition. I was kinda surprised to hear that.

Hell, I’d sign it and I haven’t smoked the stuff in years, don’t plan to in the future either. Alcohol is way worse, imo (though I’m drinking right now, where the ironic smiley?)

Wow man, like, the door just signed my petition! I am so wasted!

We have early voting in TN which was extra special in my household as today we took our three year-old. It was constant, but there wasn’t a line… but it was such a pretty fall day we almost put it off until Monday ourselves.

I thought the reason was that several thousand signatures were disqualified because the signatories weren’t registered to vote before signing the petition, but registered to vote at the same time they signed the petition. And there was a big court battle over it.

Or was that a separate matter?

Are they going to be announcing results periodically between now and the election? That could really start a voting war, especially if your registration isn’t closed yet.