Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over

Still going for the shithead idea that Biden supports riot and arson. It remains fake.

I’m not sure if Biden knows what Biden supports. Anyways, I mentioned Biden’s supporters. The ideological zealots who demand not just purity but fervor or else a consequencing will occur. If they still taught history instead of acting to tear it down and destroy it folks would be worried about the illiberal radicals who exploit any tragedy possible to push for collectivism.

Mollusks have problems figuring what others know…

Funny, Biden is getting support because they know that they are against the projector in chief, who is the one that does demand purity, we all know that Trump will say he does not know you if you do not toe his line.

Of course this are musings of the shit in your head.

As usual your ignorance shows, most of the monuments to the confederacy were erected to counter the emerging civil rights. It was really also a denial of the real history of America, that BTW was taught as fact for many years in the south.


Damn, that was almost a Bingo for me…

So close! If only he brought up the hivemind…

It was hard restraining myself.

Those guys tend not to be Biden supporters. Sounds more like Sanders supporters , but even then it’s not a fair comment.

(For context, read the exchange between Octopussy and me starting here, and ending with the following post.)

My apologies, Octopus, your assumption here is my fault. Upon reviewing my post, I see that while I submitted it, I didn’t properly conclude it. And this is why you didn’t get the point which is this: You’re worthless as a conservative.

I grew up in a conservative family - my grandmother, for example, was Calvinist by disposition, Scottish by ancestry, Catholic by conversion, and spent a good chunk of her life lecturing me on the dangers of secular humanism. My father was the more typical conservative- had a successful small business after a few life hiccups, believed in the Reagan revolution, and thought his business was an example of the benefits of said revolution.

They’re passed now, and I’m 98% sure they all would have been Trump 2016 voters, but there was something different about them and the modern conservative and it’s this:

It’s all the fucking whining. It’s the lying, yes, but, really, it’s the whining. Modern conservatives do nothing but whine about how others are being mean to them, a victimization cult which would’ve disgusted my grandmother who said to me ‘nothing, John, is worse than a whiny man. Once is a complaint, anything else is whining. Fix it, accept it, or move on.’ Our brand of conservatism worshipped at the altar of productivity, work, thrift, and effort, values completely unspoken of by the modern Trump-supporting conservative.

All you do is whine, Octo. You whine about people different than you, you whine about the environment here, you whine about protests, and you whine about how people respond to your whining. You whine about being here.

Maybe it’s me, but I ‘hear’ as I read, and when I read your words there is a particular keening tone to them, the sound of the self-victimized, privileged, white male that is too certain in their mediocrity to ever look inside themselves to see what needs bettering.

And I know you are going to reflexively respond with ‘hive mind’ and your usual tropes about ‘liberals’, but please understand that for me, it’s not the ideology which you have which bothers me, it’s the unproductive whining.

Just stop.

Oh well.

If you give a troll a thread to shit in, the troll now has two threads to shit in.

How dumb are you? Really? You going to ignore the nasty sexist racist post above mine? Of course you are. See the problem is I don’t pretend to value one thing and then do the opposite. This site claims to be a site where people can discuss issues, even controversial issues, under a set of mostly objective rules. That’s proven to be objectively false. That is a valid complaint.

Now in the grand scheme of things is it that important? Not really. This site has a small audience and even smaller number of active participants. A declining number, in part, due to the hypocrisy and toxic echo chamber properties that continues to grow. Now what is important is that in wider society this same echo chamber and illiberal attitude is spreading among not just the naive but their handlers as well.

Coming from the guy who defends murderers and assholes that are on his side, I’m gonna call bullshit.

Sorry, are you referring to JohnT’s post? Have you crossed the line from trolling to utter delusion so quickly?

Wait, is this because he mentioned “white” and “male”? Ha, how fragile can you get?

Calm down, octodude. Have a cup of nice soothing tea.

Here, just to show that we hear your concerns, I got you a lovely mug to drink it out of. It may need a rinse, I’ve been getting some good use out of it lately…

P.S. - props on getting in a suitably Trumpian “nasty” in there…

Victimization cult. Watch this short video of an obviously wasted Don Jr whining about Instagram algos:

When your whining is called out…
Double down on the whining.

There’s a winning propositon.

Holy Cow. I just came her to see if anyone had posted that.

Whew. I don’t even have words.

That’s a lovely cup. Lol.

Or newbies see you and run off.

Um, how old are you? 89?
Don’t worry - got your fainting couch right here.