Odd cooking moments of autopilot.

It weird enough when my brain autopilots things i do all the time, but even weirder when I autopilot something I never do.
lately I have been trying to be healthy, which means a lot more salads, which I usually grab some red onion, Tomato and carrot to slice on top of.
So today my patience was rewarded by an Avocado reaching perfect ripeness. I meant to get the red onion and tomato to dice them up for the guac. However as my guac hit the ready to eat stage I noticed that apparently I had finely diced onion and carrot, and stirred them in. Now it’s not a horrible thing to have carrot in guac, but it is definitely not part of any guac I plan on. But the weird thing is I never dice carrot for anything I make. I either eat them whole, slice them into salad or large chucks in stew.
Why on Earth doesn’t my brain pull me out of the daydream state to let me know we are going a little out of standard procedure.

Go to Starbucks, get my usual coffee. Go to the coffee modification station, grab my usual packets of Equal. Tear the tops off and dump the Equal in the trash, then toss the paper packets in my coffee cup. Stand there for a few seconds and wonder why it’s so quiet all of a sudden…

If you make pancakes with powdered sugar instead of flour they, well, they won’t work. They won’t even turn into pancakes.

If you swap our your non-stick cooking spray (Pam) for Easy Off, no one will even notice until you go to clean up after dinner (my sister did that when cooking for her and my mom). Don’t worry, poison control said if you didn’t notice any burning in your mouth/throat/esophagus while eating them, there’s nothing to worry about…don’t induce vomiting.

I got the mixer out to whip the mashed potatoes. I then added the milk and eggs…
E G G S ! !:eek:

So I made potato pancakes instead.