Odd Halloween Cartoon "Coincidence". Many Cartoon Zombie Moms on TV. Why?

In Disney’s The Replacements Halloween Episode, the kids’ Mom (Agent K, a British Super-Spy) is transformed into a zombie not really, it’s all a prank on the kids.

In Nickelodeon’s The X’s, Mrs. X (Mom & super-spy) is transformed into a zombie not really, she’s been hypnotized.

In both shows, the Zombie Mom is seen standing at the kitchen sink/counter, working, with her back to the kids, & then turns around, revealing herself as a Zombie.

Is this a movie reference?

An odd coincidence?

Blantant “borrowing”?

A symbol of the dearth of new ideas in Hollywood?

Or is California blessed with a large number of Zombie Mothers?

“Animation is based on plagarism.”- Roger Myers, Jr., The Simpsons

I’m glad I’m not the only one who watches kids shows on this board. I think it’s more coincidence than anything else, but it makes you think about all of the similarities between various animated programs on the telly. Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom, Disney’s American Dragon Jake Long, and Cartoon Network’s The Life and Times of Juniper Lee are all about children who have a secret obligation to protect the world from a certain type of danger and/or protect a certain type of mythical realm/group of creatures. The X’s* has a similar premise to the feature film The Incredibles in that they both involve a family in the same unusual occupation (superhero, secret agent). As you pointed out, both The Replacements and The X’s have a secret-agent mother. Now that I think about it, The Replacements is similar in a way to The Fairly Oddparents in that the child protagonists can change their world at will and usually learn that things are better the way they are. If you look into all realms of animation, you’re going to find things that are similar- the 1946 Oscar race is one of the most stunning examples (Warner Bros.'s Rhapsody Rabbit v. MGM’s Cat Concerto- they’re basically the same idea!) Great minds think alike, coincidences are nothing new, and there are a large spate of zombies in California. I think.

*One of the things that bugs me- I don’t care if it doesn’t look right, there should be no apostrophe in the title. Since the family name is X, the show should be called The Xs. Presumably, the Flintstone’s and Simpson’s would be in no argument- see how strange it looks on their names?

Not necessarily. Some style guides say that you create the plural of letters with 's. For instance, “Mind your p’s and q’s.”

The guides are moving toward dropping the apostrophe, but it was considered the preferred form up until about 30 years ago. See The Apostrophe

In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Irwin’s mother is a mummy. She’s undead, which makes her kind of a zombie.

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BTW–Part of me suspects this is a movie scene, from somewhere or other.