Odd Halloween treats.

Be creative. They can be home made. Your suggestions must fall into one of these categories. More than just boxes of raisins (ii) or tooth brushes (ii)

A. Kids love it, parents hate it.
ii. Kids hate it, parents love it.
3. Kids hate it, parents hate it.

Chocolate covered broccoli or brussels sprouts.
Caramel onions on a stick.
Cans of Old Milwaukee.
A 1 1/2 oz bottle of booze.
Marlboro Reds

Balut and Casu Marzu sandwiches.

Travel-size shampoo.
Allen wrench.
Baggie of colored rocks from an aquarium.
Business card for a local landscaper.
Unpopped popcorn. Loose.

Candied escargot on a stick.
Haggis-flavored toothpaste.
Raw chicken heads.

Low carbohydrate Halloween treats; Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs Kit.
Raw eggs and condiment packets of mayo, mustard, salt and pepper.

Kaestur Hakarl on a stick
A baggie full of random bingo numbers from one of those rolling-ball bingo games
Milk Bones
A Car Deodorizer, preferably one in the shape of a pine tree
A Tide detergent pod
A Tequila-flavored lollipop with a real dead scorpion inside
Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) tasting strips

A meteorite dealer that I know (on-line) once had a pile of small, ancient orangish (from caliche) Sahara meteorites. The real deal, but so badly weathered that they had little to offer to science or to serious collectors. So he planned to bag them up along with an identification card and give them out to trick-or-treaters. It would be a real-world “I got a rock.” Don’t know if he went through with it, though.

You forgot paprika.

And only a fool would give kids raw eggs on Halloween!
They would promptly give them back to you (or your house).

Ice Cubes. tell them it’s rock candy.

Eventually the ice melts, the water weakens the bottom of their T.O.T bag and the next day you walk around the neighborhood picking up all the candy that fell out of the holes in the bags.


I’m the first to mention Chick tracts?

[del]Condoms[/del] Individually packaged balloons

Cardboard coasters from neighborhood bars.

Did I say they were still in the shell?

Jack Chick tracts

Scrambled eggs. Present them in a big serving bowl and dole them into their bags by the heaping tablespoon.

Stuffed olives.

Those pills that turn your teeth red if you brushed them wrong.

Bottle rockets

.22 LR cartridge cases

Safety razors (with NO blades)

Let’s give them out twice!

The murder weapon

Dog biscuits.

Car wash tokens.

Old ticket stubs.

Random pictures cut out of magazines.

I like to put odd stuff in my candy jar when I hand out candy. Usually it’s the plastic bugs and such so the kids look at it and get creeped out. One year I threw in a couple of golf balls and one kid pick it out and took it. I was dressed up and not moving so I don’t think he could tell if I was real or not and was too scared to look at what he was taking. He was around 10 or so and not some real young kid who I would have given candy too.