Odd interactive poll.

As the title says this is an interactive poll for anybody interested(and alone so you don’t look like an idiot). If you would please do my little physical activity before reading to the bottom.

Pretend you are you are an actor in a scince fiction movie. You are holding a laser pistol in the shape of a modern pistol. Suddenly you hear a noise behind you. You whip your arm around and pull the trigger three times quick to fire three shots.

Now, Did you mine rocking your hand back after each ‘shot’? And have you shot a pistol before.

The purpose behind this poll is that I think I finally put my finger on something that has vagely bugged me in the back of my mind for years. I think the traditional science fiction movie has some people firing with the with the rocking motion, and some don’t. Personally, my instinct is to show the rocking motion, because I just expect it to happen after each shot from my experiences in shooting. So I’m curious if people who have never shot a pistol do that while miming a shot. Or do non shooters just reason that the kickback will do that and show it anyway. Or is just something you have seen in movies and know happens.

I guess technically an energy weapon would be firing essentially no mass, and would therfore have no kickback to cause the rocking, so the non- rockers are more accurate.

I did not mime rocking it back.

I assumed it would recoiless.

But, I still used my basic handgun firing pose: Handgun in right hand, arm extended but elbow not locked, left hand over right, left arm bent elbow down. I sight with my left eye so my pose is not exactly what most shooters would use. But it works…

You do not want the gun to rock anyways, you want the handgun to remain in the same position as much as possible.

Do you mean the ‘kick’?
I mimed the kick. It was natural to do it. I assume that even a laser weapon would have a kick.
I have fired real guns (with blanks) and the kick from them is more of a wrist movement than an arm movement. It was exhilerating.

Maybe you could justify it as hyper-kinetic plasma balls, or something.

I don’t flinch at all. It’s all due to the conditioning from light-gun games at the arcades.

Since I only turned my arm, and not my whole body, I am in a straight-armed twisted waist pose. If I were firing forwards I would be in the Steven Seagal pose.

I did not mime the ‘kick’. Although, I have no experience with real handguns, either.


Just swung my arm around, not my body, like Lobsang.

Not a recoil, exactly, but I did move my hand slightly – to emphasize the pointing – I moved my finger down with the shot, not up after the shot.

I would imagine squeezing all 3 shots off very deliberately and evenly - no kick on the wrist, moving from the waist to face the enemy.
And I’ve used some bad-ass handguns in my time. Anyone heard of a Grizzly Win Mag? You want a kick, try target practice with that mother.

My laser gun did not recoil. I figure in my future they solved that issue.

My hand didn’t rock (blasters don’t have recoil in my fantasies), and I’ve never fired a pistol before, only rifles.

My blaster misfired, so I threw it at the beast that was attacking me. But it bounced off him with no harm done. I tried to run, but it was of no use. The beast killed me.

Thanks a lot.

No experience with handguns. And my wrist did kick back.

funny… I don’t remember killin’ nobody today…

I did mime recoil… I hope guns in the future still have recoil… 'cause I don’t want my blaster to just cut neat little holes in my enemy… I want him blowed completely bum over teakettle… so, I guess what I’m saying is I want whatever projectile/beam/particle ray I am firing to have mass… even if it is an artificial mass “force beam” or something.

Set phasers for “whup-ass” and follow me!

I’ve been miming the recoil ever since my first day as a four year old playground soldier. It seemed natural to do so now.

Upon further reflection I realise that I propably calculated the fact that, in your science fiction future, I need to shoot behind me even If I hear anyone stir. In that future It would only make sense to pack a heavy duty, recoiling kind of laser.

Oh, and I fired a rifle, once.

I mimed the recoil. Fired a paintball gun many times, but that’s the extent.

Paintball rifles have negligable recoil. Interesting poll. :slight_smile:

No, did not mime recoil, nor pulling a trigger (my laser gun has a direct connection to my nervous system).

No experience of hand- guns (only rifles), and my hand did not kick back. I did say “bang” three times though which is pretty stupid for a laser gun I guess…

thing is, since you’re miming, you’ll want to have some kind of action to reinforce the ‘play pretending’, whether it’s rocking your hand with each shot, hooking your trigger finger, mimicking loud gunshots or all of the above. simply holding out your fist alone is no fun.

I was too scared to try the experiment (I’m wearing a red shirt).

OK, seriously. I didn’t cock my wrist, but my thumb moved like the hammer on a pistol. I don’t know why my laser pistol has a hammer. Perhaps it’s a 1920s Style You-Know-What.

I have very limited experience with handguns.

I did not mime a recoil. Just pointed and pulled the trigger. It’s a ‘freakin laser’ afterall…
'Course even if it was a pretend REAL firearm, I would not mime a recoil. That’s just a bad habit and bad form!

For the record, I’ve had extensive experience with all varieties of pistols, rifles, machineguns, submachine guns…