Odd keyboard doesn't work with new work computer - types all wrong

I bought one of these a couple years ago: http://channelwidth.com/ebay/Apple/EKB-880.jpg

It’s supposedly intended for the spanish language market, and maybe even macs, but it worked fine on my old workplace Dell once I mapped a couple keys, and it’s in an ergonomic layout. My new workplace’s Compaq apparently hates it, and the keys bear no relation to what comes out in Notepad, etc. The manufacturer website is pretty bad in general, and it claims that there’s no driver, as it’s generic plug-and-play.

Is there some setting that I can find to tell Windows something special about this keyboard, or something? I’ve been through the properties in Hardware Manager, but I can’t find anything about the key layout.

This looks like a standard US-English layout for a new-world Mac (which should work in Windows XP or later).

Hmm… try changing your keyboard language, perhaps?