Oddest thing I learned after moving in with her.

Mrs. Gedd and I dated almost five years before getting married, but there were things I didn’t learn until moving in together. The biggest was her . . . affection . . . for Q-Tips. Immediately after a shower or any other activity that involves water getting close to her ears she takes the shortest path possible to them. That alone isn’t such a big deal, but how she reacts is. I guess the feeling of a soft swab caressing the entrance to her ear canal gives her near orgasmic pleasure, because she makes noises that I’ve only heard in the bedroom. :dubious: I was quite surprised the first time this happened; I had no idea what was going on in the bathroom. It was an interesting confrontation.

Oh well. Some people use silk, leather, or latex for fun. I just never thought cotton was her style.

Anyone else find secrets that were hidden away until you shared your abode?

A man buys toilet paper in rolls of 3 or 6. When you are with a woman, you have to buy it by the truckload.

Pepper Mill knew exactly which side of the bed was hers. There was no room for discussion or argument.
I’m not complaining. I’m just surprised that she took this as a given, as secure as that 2 + 2 = 4.

It feels good to me, too. I never jizzed in my pants or anything, but yeah, it’s pleasurable.

As far as what I learned about my wife, I can’t think of anything now. I’ll ponder.


I call it an eargasm. :smiley:

For reasons that completely escape me, Mr K refuses to use tissues (like Kleenex-type tissues). No matter how many boxes of tissues are available, what brand, anything- it’s toilet paper or paper towels for blowing his nose on. It… annoys me, because he goes through ridiculous amounts of TP/PTs as a result.

At least we both know that “overhand” is the correct way to put toilet paper on the roll.

Only if you don’t have toddlers and/or cats who delight in unrolling the TP. One of our cats will check every single roll of TP to see if it’s been put on overhand or underhand. If it’s overhand…he’ll gleefully spin it until all the TP is on the floor. Then he’ll kill the TP. If it’s underhand, he’ll settle for killing the bathroom rug, and then rolling the bathroom rug so that it forms a tunnel, then he lurks in the tunnel.

When we first got married, I asked Bill whether he liked the TP overhand or underhand. He said that in his family, they usually just put it on top of the tank, or on the side of the bathtub, so he didn’t care.

The oddest thing I learned about Bill was that he liked fried bologna, which I’d never heard of. The oddest thing that he learned about me was that I couldn’t make gravy, and that my family almost never ate fried potatoes.

My boyfriend does not like bacon.

Or peaches.

Let the :eek: commence.

That’s something that the young folks don’t realize - choose the side of the bed carefully when you start sleeping together, because it will be yours FOREVER!

Mrs. has trichotillosis. She subconsiously rubs her eyebrow while reading or watching TV or a movie. Sometimes she’ll pluck one, or a hair and rub it gently on her lips.

She throws things at me when she catches me imitating her.

My SO also has the ear-orgasms from q-tips. He lost his shit when we ran out of q-tips (hello! this is a lesson! check when things are running low and tell me/write it down!) this week.

I can explain that for you, as it’s the one thing that really surprised me when DoctorJ and I started living together. Women buy it by the truckload because men use it by the truckload, and we get fed up with there not being any damn toilet paper every time we turn around. The way I see it, guys have 3 choices: eat more fiber, shave your ass, or shut up about us buying the giant economy pack of tp. Any of these options is acceptable.

I learned that my girlfriends rapidly stopped liking me after moving in.

I blame Obama.

There was a comic years ago (Dilbert maybe?) where the character asked if it was sinful to enjoy using a Q-Tip. In the final panel we learn he went through a whole box that morning.

(OK, I guess I remember less of it than I thought, but that is the gist.)

Preach it, sister. I’ve pretty much broken Mr. Snicks of this habit - he only uses great big wads when it’s appropriate, now - but when his parent were over last week? We went through three rolls, I think. They were here for four days. Good god.

That men are completely insane about which brand of toilet paper to buy. Cost is apparently no object when it comes to the all-important protection of the male tushy. It’s crazy I tell you. You are going to wipe your behind with it! Get the cheapest one fercryinoutloud!

Also, the most math-oriented male engineer is still incapable of comprehending the unit pricing method. No, the 6 ounce package of pancake mix is not cheaper. It is the price of freakin’ lobster. Now put it back and get the economy box!

Fine. I’ll just keep my bacon-peach cobbler to myself then!

Yup, Dilbert. And that pretty much was the entire comic strip.

There are two stores here that I know put the price per unit on the shelf (price per 100 g or whatever), and I love that (Safeway and Wal-Mart).

Mmm, bacon-peach cobbler.

There are so many places in the budget where we HAVE to economize, but toilet paper (what’s with this “bath tissue” nonsense? You don’t BATHE with it, do you??) danged sure isn’t one of them!

And if you want your SO to stop using a whole roll at a time, go over to the baby department and buy those pre-moistened, unscented baby-tush-wipes. Don’t bother with the adult ones… they’re too small. The baby ones are big, allowing for one thorough full-court-press wipe, then fold it in half, and go over the zone again. DO NOT FLUSH- throw in trash can. Wash hands.

If this is TMI, then I guess y’all don’t want to see the "tush"torial on YouTube, eh?