Oddities I've seen on TV lately

  1. The real McCoys is still seen on some weird TV channel called: Binge. I never turned it on because I thought it said: Bingo.

  2. There’s this commercial about youth advocacy programs to get out of gang life.
    There’s a man that says he committed crimes but he’s not a criminal. I’m happy for him.
    But his face is weird. It looks like he talks like Popeye with the pipe in. This guy doesn’t have a pipe in. How could that happen to a normal face?

  3. There’s a vacation spot called Great Wolf Lodge. People are riding on giant Wolves to get there, I guess.
    Reminds me of some mild Horror Movie about Werewolves.

  4. Why are there so many westerns type shows? Is that all anyone ever watched?

  5. And…along that line, why are there so many Law and Order shows?

  6. Why are kid actors on commercials so neat and tidy. My grandkids run around looking like Joe Shit the ragman, and making horrible smells.

  7. Am I too young for PBS or am I too old? I mean, I know Lawrence Welk is too old for me. Aside from children’s programing the rest are

  8. Why are dogs in ads so cutely scruffy? And cats give kisses to their owners, mine don’t do that. Well Jojo will. But he’s s outlier.

  9. Am I noticing more same gendered families in Commercials?
    The biracial things been going on awhile.
    Why are these things so easy to see and understand but our government doesn’t get it?

  10. I’m getting ads for some politician in Missouri. Does that seem idiotic to you?

  11. Why do holiday ads stay on for awhile after the holiday has passed.

I see that commercial a lot. By definition he IS a criminal regardless of his opinion.

Herd mentality among network execs.

In the 50s westerns were incredibly popular. As the 60s came in the popularity really fell off. Some still survived with Gunsmoke really lasting. A network exec would look at the top 10 shows, see a lot of westerns and then order more westerns. Later on looking at the top 10 not see so many so they wouldn’t order more.

The L&O is related. If the original is popular, order more variants. Ditto CSI, etc.

It was, and is, considered a safe way to go. “Look, all the other networks ordered westerns. You can’t fire me for making the same decision as all the rest.”

Culminating in a Dubai-like indoor water park. (representing the digestive tract of a giant wolf?

Moving this to Cafe society, as it seems well-suited for this forum.

I think Adventure Time started the trend of edgy depressing cartoons. Now they all have to be like that. The Owl House is definitely approaching the line of being too depressing. UGH!

You can never have enough Law and Order. Likewise, watching The Shawshank Redemption never gets old.

You have this backwards. Kids and dogs in ads run around making dreadful messes, while their parents just smile ruefully and reach for the can of Tidy Glop.

I watch a lot of Comet. Comet shows old sci fi. As a result, I see far too many ads designed to separate seniors from their money.

  1. The real McCoys is still seen on some weird TV channel called: Binge.
    I never turned it on because I thought it said: Bingo.

Ha, you know you’re old when you’re too old to find an Old People TV Channel!

For the holiday ads I believe that basically a network gets told by an advertiser “Play this ad for a certain amount of times this week”. Which is why on the last week of December you’ll still see Christmas ads after Christmas because the advertiser paid for a certain amount and the network has to air them despite it not being relevant anymore. I think the advertiser is supposed to provide an alternative ad if a deal or promo expired before the week is over but if they don’t then they just air the ads regardless.

Ha. Your OP gave me more laughs that I’ve had all week. Thanks!

My current cats are rather lick-prone, but they’re much more so than other cats I’ve had.

Lately, I see a lot Wink Martindale doing ads for a company trying to get seniors to ‘invest’ in gold. Sure, he looks and sounds great on camera, but why in the hell would anybody trust a game show host? They just stand there and let you give the wrong answer. Or worse, let you trade the money for the zonk prize behind door number three!

My Mom’s cat, Farfel, will not stay or sit in the guest room with me. But, If I sit in the kitchen she MUST climb into my lap. I have never figured this out.

Toyota-thon NEVER ends.

These three second drug commercials – “Ask your doctor about Rasputin!” That’s it! That’s the whole commercial! It doesn’t say what the drug is for, what symptoms it curtails, what the side effects are. I saw one just an hour ago; three seconds of video of four people – two women, two men (one was black). Bang! Done! I don’t get it.

I know about ’

I’m all royal and shit now.
Is case you didn’t know.

He’s a bad egg.

So Ras, old man where’s that Faberge’ egg you stole??
I want it back.

Hi Burpo

I definitely wouldn’t swallow a pill named after you, you nasty man, Ras.

And it seems like every month is “Truck Month”.

That’s because if you say what a medication (note I said medication. IIRC the rules for suppliments are different) does, you have to list all of it’s side effects too. OTTOMH Viagra had ads saying it was for erectile dysfunction and then listing side effects. It also had ads where somebody would throw a football through a tire swing and they would just show the Viagra logo at the end.

Re Rasputin- I have a bunch of Rasputin toys from the animated Anastasia film. He gives me great hope. If one crazy man of Slavic heritage can have such an influence on history, why can’t I (who am crazy and of Slavic heritage) do the same?

Excellent point, thanks.

Mel Brooks: It must be some symbolism! I think it’s symbolic of… junk.