Oddly enough, I have a LEGAL question about the RealDoll sex doll.

Okay, so I had an idea, I’m just not sure if what I’m thinking is legal or not.

Let’s say you purchased a Real Doll (link NSFW). For those that don’t wish to click and find out, the Real Doll is a super-realistic sex doll that retails for an insanely large amount of money. A typical Real Doll will cost something in the neighborhood of $5,000.

Now let’s say that you decide to place in ad in some “alternative lifestyle” magazines, advertising the fact that you’re willing to rent out the Real Doll for parties and whatnot. $75 for a “roll in the hay,” or $250 for a full night’s rental. Of course, you have the requisite paperwork the user has to sign to ensure they return said Doll in good condition, else you’d be charging their credit card for any damages done while in their possession.

I mean, ickiness aside, would this work as a business? Is it legal, based on current prostitution laws? I mean, technically you’re providing an inanimate object for sexual intercourse, which might put you in some legal straits. But OTOH, you’re not exactly prostituting anyone, since it’s an inanimate object.

So what do you think? Would this fly, or no?

Just wonderin’ whether or not to rent some office space and get $5,000 for startup costs. :wink:

The link to the Real Doll website is here.

IANAL, etc.

Laws vary by jurisdiction of course. As near as I can tell under Wisconsin law, having a doll available for rental would not be a violation of any statute. Having it available for rental for a “roll in the hay” would be. One is guilty of prostitution in WI if one “Commits or offers to commit or requests to commit an act of sexual contact for anything of value.” “Sexual contact” includes contact between the genitals and “any object” for purposes of sexual gratification.

Quiet, large breasted, submissive women with platinum blond hair, narrow waist, and large lips who’s tired of playing games, seeks take charge man for sensual fun and games. Your own bottle of Armor All a big plus!

I would imagine you’d run into some problems regarding the local health and sanitation laws and regulations, but that would fall under your ‘ickiness’ category.
Of course, if the business does take off, I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the same office, much less, the same county as your potential clientele…

IANAL. A review of the PA Crimes Code seems to hinge on the definition of a ‘complaintant’ and ‘human’, regarding chapters 31 and 59.

Personally, if you wanted to set up “Orifice-R-Us” that’s ginger-peachy with me, but I’ll bet you money the morality police will be all over you like a bukkake video within a fortnight.

I am going to do a little digging for CA but I would find it kinda contradictory if you can legally sell a sex toy, but not short term rent/loan one.

Personally the the sick twisted little perv in me thinks you might be on to something.

Its not the highest ick factor job in the universe, but if the moneys good…maybe some kind of sanitizer/lube patents could be found.

My breif perousal of CA seems to concur with your first comment.

Where would the line be drawn. Renting a room to watch porn and masturbate is legal. As long as a real person is not assisting in the act the fact that its a real doll or a bottle of lube and a favorite porno would seem legally irrelevant. It seems like technically an unassisted inanimate object cannot commit prostitution that I can find.

Ok I think I have some room on my visa…


Just when you think you’ve seen everything. Where’s my *Bladerunner * video…


I don’t know, but if you do start the business, let me know.

Listen pal, it’s hard enough keeping my flat-screen monitor clean without you posting stuff like this! Kindly watch it in the future! :slight_smile:

Heck, rent it out clothed and let renters use their imagination when it comes to using it. You hardly have to explain very much.

If you rented bicycles and some guy loved to hump Schwinns, I don’t think you’d have to worry about the law as much as he did.

I once saw a website for a guy that would rent out a Sybian, which is a super-duper high-powered vibrator. That’s not to say it’s legal, but someone out there is doing it.

Interesting answers. Thanks to the 12 people that answered, and the 1,000 other people who clicked the link because the OP had “sex” in the title. :wink:

How much would one pay for this sort of thing? I picked $250 a night out of a hat, but reasonably, I wonder how much could you charge before it became prohibitively expensive.

In my mind, I think you could probably pay the first unit off within 30-45 days. Then what’s left is to start investing the new money into more models. Then, perhaps, “theme rooms” or other accessories.

Not that I’m actually thinking of going through with this, but the right entrepreneur could probably make a mint renting these things out.

Order now! “Effective September 1 2004, Female Realdoll prices will be increased to $6499.00”

I dunno. I might buy one just so I can bring it through Saudi customs. The humor value alone would be priceless.

(Actually, you need permission to bring mannequins and the like. The Saudi frown on idolatry. But then, don’t we all?)

(This site is just too creepy for words. I am hoping it is all some sort of joke.)

Heh. Heh. Heh.

I wonder what the legal implications would be if they built one of those in a children’s size, to appeal to the pedophile market.



Don’t know about that, but I read an article about the Real Dolls where the creator said he was once offered over 10,000 or so to create a realistic German Shepherd. In the end, he said he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.