Oddly enough, I have a LEGAL question about the RealDoll sex doll.

I’ve seen several of these on display at “Erotica LA” the annual porn industry exhibit in Los Angeles.

They’re only “super realistic” if you’re a necrophiliac. They look like corpses. (And on that note, there’s an old Salon article written by a freelancer who got a tour of the RealDoll factory… he describes a disturbing visit to a back room where hundreds of naked headless doll bodies hang from hooks in the ceiling.)

And as for the Real Doll Rental Agency idea, I hope you have an appropriate cleaning kit

Well, I believe the courts have ruled that even fictional depictions of minors in a sexual context are subject to prosecution.

Which is why my 1999 Alt.Tasteless Awards-winning article had to carry a disclaimer at the end. [NSFW! (Even Googling for the article was risky!)]

Nope. They really do produce these things. Further, independant people have bought them and use them to make RealDoll pornography (NSFW, in case you couldn’t guess).

I seem to vaguely recall reading an article from some young male journalist where he offered to ‘test drive’ a RealDoll and the firm let him. Am I hallucinating?

But if I’m remembering that correctly then it looks like they can be loaned out for demos and it’s not a long jump from that to rentals…floor models…post-market mods…

The mind boggles.

What about dolls of other species? Sometimes the niche market yields great profit.

No, that was an issue of Nerve’s “I Did it for Science”.

See post #20

I remembered seeing something not too long ago about them coming out with an “Anime” RealDoll. Complete with the unnaturally large eyes and technicolor hair.

He couldn’t bring himself to do it in the end? :smiley:

OK, Rin-Tin-Tin, I want you to… :eek: Bow-WOW!

Seriously, the only places where I could see this being illegal are those where non-human sexual gratification is an offense-I’m thinking of the lady in Texas who had dildo parties and was prosecuted.

Boy. The threads one posts into. I Google’d it and have seen a photo of it.

I can walk into a sporting goods store these days and find cammo clothing that is in fact photographic representations of foliage and whatnot. If that’s possible, then that thing doesn’t have to look like a corpse. For another grand or two, it’s very very feasable to synthesize a latex face. Harder than the edible ink printing they do on birthday cakes, but not outside of the realm of possibility.

Plunging decolletage. Vapid features. Perfect nails. Flaxen hair. Goodness me, Vannah White has branched out !!! :smiley:

I have to admit, it’s highly creepy looking.


It strikes me that, legal issues aside, one problem with this scheme is logistical. From the Real Doll FAQ:

(Emphasis mine.) Any ideas how you’re going to get the doll to and from your clients’ homes discreetly? A couple of strong men in plain brown wrappers?

It would obviously be much simpler to get customers to come (heh) to you, but that might be more likely to provoke someone into making a charge of prostitution.

Actually, I believe they’ve ruled the opposite:

Obviously, you use a RealDolly.

IIRC, someone posted a link here several months ago to a Japanese website that sold exactly that. Not RealDolls[sup]TM[/sup] specifically, but a Japanese version of same. Don’t know if it would be legal here, but they’d be something to consider for space and portability reasons. “Small apartment? No problem!”

You don’t really want a link, now do you?

Best. Reply. EVAR.

Yeah, that was pretty damn funny, Cervaise.

I want one of these.
and maybe they can make one of these lifesize.
OK I am going to hell.

Yep, that’s the one I was talking about-he visited the HQ, and got to try out one of them. He said it was a pretty creepy experience.

Some of the orders included a complete replica of some guy’s mother, some anime and alien looking dolls, and one covered in Wookiee-like body hair.

Am I the only one who is of the opinion that RealDoll should reconsider this decision?

[CHORUS: “Yes…yes, you are!”]

But think about it a bit: the guy’s got a yen (for better or worse) for doggie style, (“Old School!”). If the RealDoll folks won’t make him a toy one, he’s just that much more likely to go find a real German Shepherd to nail. After all, it’s the only choice he’s got left.

Is THAT what we want him doing?

I certainly don’t understand people who want to pork their pets, and I CAN understand reasons for frowning on it (to some extent, at least). Why not give him an adequate alternative that doesn’t involve harming any actual doggies?

Wouldn’t that be better than having him cruising the local animal shelter for “friends”?

Well, wouldn’t it? I say give him a FauxFido. Let him stay home and have his fun and leave the other canines to the other canines. For me, that would be a superior moral choice.


“Love your pets. Just don’t…love your pets.”

  • Janeane Garofalo, The Truth About Cats and Dogs