Ode To A Missing PS2

I think I’m just going to have to face the fact: it’s gone.

kittenlm and I moved into a new place earlier this year – February or March, I believe. We packed everything us, careful as can be, and trucked it all over to the new place.

One of those things was my PlayStation 2. And I can’t…fricking…find it!

The garage***** has shelves running along one long wall, packed with boxes of things that we wouldn’t need right away. The Christmas decorations, camping gear, etc., along with boxes filled with the stuff that we simply had noplace else to put. The same goes for the spare bedroom – lotsa boxes of crap in there.

And every one of these boxes has been pull off the shelf, emptied out, repacked, and put back away.


And still, no PS2. :frowning:

I checked the closet under the stairs, I checked the coat closet, I checked the laundry room, the computer room, the bedroom, hell, I even emptied out under the bathroom sink, just in case. No dice. It’s gone.

I noticed it wasn’t around a few months ago, but I wasn’t too worried about it. I figured “'eh, I have a lot to keep me busy anyway, it’ll turn up sooner or later”. Then Sega had to go and release ESPN Football 2K5 two months early. I picked it up today, and decided I was going to find that damn machine, no matter what.

I found my PS1. I found my ColecoVision. I found the Intellivision, two Atari 2600s, and seven, count 'em, seven Nintendi. But no fricking PS2.

I am officially bummed.

*****I initally typo’d that as “carage”. Why don’t we call it that? It really does make more sense. 'Eh, whatever.

Maybe your parents stole it like I stole my kids’ PS2 so you would stop playing those damn games and get a life (whippersnapper).

The PS1 came out about the same time I moved out into my own place, along with a roommate… We had a bunch of games and generally kept them lying around the console when we weren’t using them.

One day a magazine salesman came by the house and after I told him I really wasn’t interested, he asked if I had anything to drink… I, in my adolescent ignorance, offered to grab him a glass of water from the kitchen. It wasn’t until hours later that we realized one of our games was missing.

We looked everywhere. Finally my roommate was like, “Well it’s not like someone broke in and took it!” and it dawned on me… broke in, no… took it, yes.

Jet Moto, we hardly knew ye. I feel your pain, man.

Oh, games, I got. Sure, I found the stack of them right off the bat. The controllers, too. Why the hell I packed them separately, I have no idea.

I feel your pain, sort of. My PS2 developed a little problem a while back. One of the pins of the controller broke off in the controller port, and I had to jiggle and unplug and replug that controller every time I started a game, or else the console wouldn’t receive the direction instructions. So I managed to find someone who actually fixed PS2s for a reasonable price…but he picked up and dropped off the consoles on a weekly basis. I very nearly didn’t last the week. You see, I was playing Parasite Eve, and I had just reached the Ultimate Being stage…

Oh, and it turns out that nobody rents consoles around here any more. Too many people were renting them and then not returning them.

I once lost an orbital sander till I moved again. But they don’t obsalesce the way consoles do. Bummer.

At least you can still play Astrosmash. Who needs that newfangled PS-whatsit?

So, I replaced my PS2 yesterday. You may begin placing bets on how many hours until the old one turns up. :slight_smile: