Odell Beckham, Jr's behavior Week 15 vs. Panthers

I normally don’t spend time in this forum, but came in to see the thread on this topic. Since there isn’t one, thought I would start one.

I live in the area so get a brain full of Giants info. OBJ* is obviously talented and exciting, but man, did Josh Norman get in his head. And OBJ’s cheap shot should warrant a 1-game suspension, shouldn’t it?

As someone tweeted, that was mentioned on Mike and Mike this morning, the refs shouldn’ve done something after the 3rd or 4th Personal Foul.
*I really wish his nickname was ODB, but that’s just me :wink:

The incident was brought up in the NFL Week 15 thread.

There’s no way ODB (I’ve seen that used more than OBJ) avoids any kind of suspension. No way. He’ll get suspended, maybe one game, maybe two. He’ll appeal. Take it from there. I expect punishment to come down today, though. Tomorrow at the latest.

Ah, sorry - if the conversation is best had there, cool. Seems like a kerfuffle big enough for its own discussion. ODB (yay) is going through such a fast arc - from zero to hero to jerk in no time. I have heard he is arrogant but basically a good guy - I hope he can make better choices going forward.

I thought you would be referring to his dancing around and mugging for the camera like a moron a minute and a half before they lost the game.

I thoroughly enjoyed that. I call it RichardSherman-itis

Definitely a coaching failure. Norman took the first cheap shot. One retaliation was not smart but understandable. Everything after that should have been addressed during the game. Coughlin said he would talk to him after. 3 personal fouls means you waited too long. Now you probably lose him for the next game. In the last quarter he almost won the game for the Giants. In the first three quarters he lost the game for them.

Considering how refs have been dropping the rags for anything less than angelic behavior this season, I’m surprised they were so lenient this time. Maybe they decided to let the suits and desks deal with it.

Oh yeah, that should definitely be part of the discussion. He was a fool in many ways yesterday.

ETA - The question is: Is he young and can learn, or just a fool?

I wonder if the officiating crew will face league discipline as well. How can they let a guy rack up three personal fouls without ejecting him?

There’s no rule relating number of personal fouls and game ejection. As a diehard Giant fan, first, he’s usually nowhere near this bad, and second, he should have been ejected even before that cheap shot to the head, and Norman should have been on a very short leash. To play devil’s advocate for the referees, they might have felt that whatever they do, the league would give them grief.

Wasn’t this a nationally televised game? To play devil’s advocate for the referees, they might have felt that whatever they do, the league would give them grief.

How does a player who gets 3 unnecessary roughness penalties (which I believe is a euphemism for Unsportsmanlike) not get ejected from the game?

IIRC, It only takes two technicals to get ejected from a B-Ball game

No, it was a 1:00 kickoff.

I’m a huge Giants fan and naturally I love what ODB (normally) brings to the field but yesterday was just stupid. I was stunned that they let him stay in the game that long. After the initial incident I figured they would flag then toss the next person to act out.

I have heard a few folks mention that the Coughlin failed as a coach and I do believe that he should shoulder some of the blame. However, I really think this one is on the refs (aside from ODB acting like a jackass of course). They should’ve taken control of the game early. That whole situation escalated way out of hand and spilled over into other players on the field.

If not for the Steelers-Broncos game, which had a ton of post-whistle issues, I might be more lenient on the refs.

I’ve only watched him play a few times, but for the times I’ve seen him, he’s always struck me as a total jerk.

I’m just tired of hearing about him. It’s a little known fact that he is the only player in the nfl capable of a one hand catch.

One game suspension for Beckham. Fines for both him and Norman may still be forthcoming.

TBH, his best catch was just 3 fingers.

ETA: He has too much talent to be a cheap/dirty player. He is still young, so hopefully he can mature and learn to deal with the pressure.

Giants players are claiming that OBJ was the subject of homophobic slurs by the Panthers.

I’m sure the suspension will be overturned . The Giants play in the Sunday night game next week.

Circling the wagons. OBJ will likely appeal; he’ll serve the suspension game 1 next year. He’s the only thing keeping the Giants from being technically eliminated at this point, so postponing the suspension is really the right choice.

No, it won’t move anywhere near that slow. The appeal will probably be heard tomorrow and ruled on either the same day or the following day. That’s what happened to Aqib Talib for the eye poke last month.