Odigo weirdness

I downloaded Odigo (the IM program that Demo started a thread on (you can get it at http://www.odigo.com)), and ever since I got it, i always get the weirdest people IMing me. I also get a lot of cyber sex requests, presumeably because i put “gay, lesbian, bisexual” as one of the interests. So, i guess these horny guys take that to mean i’m ready to cyber at the drop of a hat. Anyway, some of the weird IM’s i’ve gotten are:

  • a weird Israeli guy who insisted I try voice chat, then said that his sister thought I was annoying. He also said i’m better than the Israeli’s (maybe he got turned down one too many times?)
  • A 17 year old fundamentalist Christian homophobe who kept trying to prove to me that all gays are evil because a small percentage are pedophiles (he tried to say I was affiliated with NAMBLA just because i’m gay!). It was actually funny, yet pathetic at the same time.
  • And recently, a conversation with a guy from South Africa who got mad at me because I wouldnt add him to my friend’s list. I’m pasting the conversation below:

This is a bit long, but well, you’ll get to see the weirdness of this guy’s IM. (note: commentary on my part is in parenthesis and italics )

  • Him: Hello dude!

  • Me: hello

  • him: Where in CA are you? Yeah!

  • me: Near Monterey

  • him: Cool!..I have travlelled to USA 3x probably seen more than you,anyway into cyber-sex are u::))) (I should have known what was up with him with that statement. Besides, how the hell does he know how much I have travelled. I guess he thinks Americans don’t travel at all.)

  • me: not right now

  • him: Cool.What time is over there?Here 2:15am I need some sleep…aahhhhh! (at this point, i thought, damn this dude is hyper…)

  • me: it’s 5:09 pm

  • him: eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk…we are 9 hours ahead!
    I need to get some sleep!

  • me: good night. ( i thought he was going to go away until I got a request by him for me to add him to my friend’s list and vice versa. My refusal resulted in the psycho part of the conversation)

  • him: You Yankies are so pre-programmed!Wake up.There is a world/universe out there…Clinton doesn’t rule the world,neither does you local tv station or radio station. WAKE UP!!! (this is where he got mad at me and decided to throw a little hissy fit. I guess he thinks because we dont add him to our friend’s lists, we don’t know jack shit about the world.)

  • me: Uh? Hello? What the hell are you talking about? Besides, i’m not a yankee, i’m a Californio. (I was truly dumbfounded at this point, out of the blue he goes off on me. I wonder if this guy can ever keep a boyfriend with that attitude, when he doesnt get what he wants)

  • him: Same thing! BRAIN WASHING! (brainwashing? Uh, hello?)

  • me: No, not the same thing. Yankee refers to Northerner’s from the East Coast. Californio is a person born and raised in California.

  • him: Go to sleep…and hopefully wake-up tomorrow! (i didnt even know who the hell he was referring to. Hopefully if it was him, he WON’T wake up tomorrow :))

  • me: a little pissy are we?

  • him: Americans are ALL the same! …stupid!

  • me: Really? All white South Africans are Racist Bastards. ( I do NOT believe that is true at all, FTR)

  • him: No,I never have a reasonable conversation from a USA resident.(FULL STOP) (Well he could have had one with me if he hadn’t requested cybersex first thing, and also didnt go off on me when i refused him to add me to his friend’s list)

  • me: Really? Maybe you would if you wouldnt go off on these weird psycho tangents.

  • him: (FULL STOP!) (What the hell does he mean here? Full stop is a period, I believe)

  • me: YOU are the one who started in with the name calling. Not me.

  • him: YAWN!..go and see your therapist! (I think HE’S the one who needs to see a therapist…damn psychos!)

  • him: BYE! (gladly, at this point he stopped pestering me)

Now, a lot of what I said was to piss him off. I’ve never had such psychos IM me over AIM, Yahoo, or ICQ, but it happens on Odigo. Mind you, i love odigo, it allows me to have all my ICQ and AIM contacts in one place. I’ve met some cool people also on Odigo (one guy actually asked me about language stuff instead of sex stuff, who I talk to a lot). It’s usually (not always) non-Americans who contact me who get all weird and creepy on me.

Great program, but i get tons of weirdos on it.

Not at all like the quality of person you find on the SDMB hey Doob?

More like our old friend Bjorn, as well as the other America bashers :slight_smile: (ooh…cheap shot :))

Such a cheap shot!!!

Bloody americans… :wink:

Doob, I find that I get a lot more IMs from strangers on Odigo than I do if I just use ICQ or AIM. I usually put myself in visible only to friends mode, but for some reason I forget often and don’t remember til some guy from India pops up saying “Hi, Can we have a conversation?” or some such. Now that I think of it, it has been exclusively foreigners IMing me out of the blue. And I have absolutely nothing in my profile, except my age, sex, and the fact that I’m married, so I guess they’re just looking for conversation.

Damn you foreigners, always looking for conversation!

Hey, has anyone else had the problem of not being able to see your ICQ buddies if they are in private mode? I mean, they can see me, but I can’t see them. Or maybe they are just avoiding me. Who knows? Maybe I should make friends with those Indian guys.