Of All the Machine Shops In All The World

Projammer, we’re not supposed to wish death on other Dopers… your proposal might actually be considered a worse fate. I know this is the Pit but please don’t play so un-nice!

You are aware you’re supposed to be wearing a respirator when working around the smelter to protect you from toxic fumes, aren’t you?

It’s not like I was setting him up for a live performance or anything.


PP is back in your life? Get asbestos underwear.

That way, when you set him on fire, your butt don’t burn…

I missed this part, and I thought I’d read all your threads.

Pretty please, point me to the thread or tell the story?

I don’t torture. Not unless I’m asked nicely.

Go to management…(never mind. I don’t wanna get banned)…in the slightest.

I got more, if you really wanna play hardball. :wink:

It’s not really a funny story.

How does the cost of living compare? Cold weather’s not so bad.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Ohio, I know all about cold weather: It sucks!

I keep telling Tucker that as a machinist/welder, he could be making over $100,000 per year in Alberta (I’m not exaggerating or kidding), and he keeps not taking me up on it. Well, once global warming gets into full swing and Alberta becomes tropical, maybe then. :smiley:

(Was the reporting to the feds the Toyota parts thing? I have a vague recollection of that.)

[George Costanza] Do women know about ‘shrink’? [/GC]

Well, if you are so scared of this moron, (yes I am familiar with your previous posts) maybe you should just fucking move, and take the higher paying job offers.

With all respect man, I think you are a person who massively overreacts/freaks out to shit in your life.

Except, of course, the higher paying job won’t be available until some time after the first of the year, so if the shit weasel manages to get me fired before then, I’m going to have a bitch of a time finding another job to tide me over until then.

Proof you know nothing about me, as most people feel I under react.

[hijack]What the hell is with the job market in Alberta? Last year all I kept hearing was “So-and-so is going out west”.[/hijack]

We have a “Pete Puma” in our shop many actually…, but not management. They’re mostly first shift guys (Those who can do no wrong**.**) The one in particular I’m thinking of, call him Mean Gene, he has 3 main agendas.

  1. Keep his production %age in the happy range.
  2. Avoid any jobs that require thought (not his strong suit)
  3. Catch any and all mistakes that anyone on any other shift make. No matter how mundane. And report them to said mistaker. And Management…

A technical example of his mindset, inspired by the .wav from your other linked thread. “Oh no you don’t!”

My second shift boss told me that they didn’t used to have setup sheets. You set your tools and made your geometry offsets to make them all agree. Then you simply adjusted your master Z zero offset to make them fit the job. Then adjust tool offsets to make the finish part.

Well that was beyond Mean Gene’s comprehension. So apparently (before my time) he was instrumental in having detailed setup sheets for every job on every machine. That’s fine, it’s good to have these things written down, especially for newer guys who don’t know all the jobs.

But Mean Gene, he doesn’t understand how all this geometry works. He ends up with many jobs that have your standard tool geometry set, say TO1 : Z=-3.23456.
Fine. But then he has huge numbers in work offsets… TO1 : Z=+.0528. :dubious:

He doesn’t comprehend that you add the work and geometry offsets together, so that you have a nice, fresh ZERO in the work offset. To Mean Gene, these are magic numbers. If someone added all the offsets together correctly when setting up the job, and then Mean Gene ran the job the next day, he would

  1. Replace all your numbers with the “magic numbers”
  2. Inform management of your blunder
  3. Give you a stern talking to the next time he sees you.

God I hate idiots. Except for a few interpolations that are done automatically, all this stuff is simple addition and subtraction. Too high mathematics for The Mean One… :rolleyes:

And to agree with most of the advice above, lay low, especially til your 90 days are up. True idiots have a way of exposing themselves, eventually. Karma and all…

I ESPECIALLY liked this:

That is so wonderfully subtle and evil! ::bows in awe::

We are having a very large boom in Alberta, and not nearly enough workers. One of the industries booming and having shortages is construction. My husband’s company, a very large player in the construction management field, just brought in a batch of skilled workers from Germany. I’m not kidding Tucker about what a hot commodity he would be here.