Of breast milk and nipple rings...

I’ve searched the forum to see if this question has been asked, but without much luck. So, on the topic of nipple piercing, one point of contention has consistently been the impact of having a couple extra holes on the mechanics of breast feeding.

Anyone with personal experience in the matter care to chime in?

I’ve heard that it can impede breast feeding, though I don’t know where I’ve heard it.

No personal experience, but breastfeeding.com is a great resource - here is an answer to your question.

BME’s take on the issue.

Speaking as someone who formerly had two pierced nipples and someone who breastfed with no problems for 8 months, I had no problems with the two. I did take my piercings out before I even got pregnant, though. I know women who have kept theirs in through their pregnancy and had no problems, and women who have kept their piercings even through their nursing days and had no problems.
I think that keeping them in would be a pain, just because of the number of times that you’d have to remove them each day so that your baby could eat, but it can be done.