Of course! The homeless want to be clean, not have a place to live.

On November 6, Atlantans will go to the polls to select a new mayor. The Journal-Constitution has profiled all five candidates, and this one, G.B. Osborne, got my attention, because of his stance on the homeless and on how to fix corruption.

At least he’s a long-shot candidate.

As much of a fruitcake as he is, he does have a little something going for him, I just can’t quite put my finger on it. The same thing that made America fall in love with Admiral Stockdale.

Maybe he should consult the Admiral for some PR and Public Speaking tips.
Hell, in any case he can’t be worse than Campbell.

Even a crappy plan is better than no plan. I’m sure the homeless people will be ok with the idea of taking an occasional shower.
My local policical wannabes don’t have any plan for making the life of homeless people more tolerable.
Have you got a decent canidate? Or is it a hold-yer-nose-and-vote year?

Too true.

Well, I hadn’t really paid any attention until this week, so I’m hoping to find a redeeming quality. I’ve got a couple of weeks to decide. If not, there’s always “eenie, meenine, miney, mo” in the voting booth. :wink:

I agree with Mouthbreather that this guy may have something going for him, although I do think that it’s more of a Governor Moonbeamish “so insane it might actually be a hilarious ride” kinda appeal.

What the fuck? Is this guy the re-incarntion of Toledo’s own Carty Finkbeiner?

“In November 1994, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner of Toledo, Ohio, told reporters that the best solution to the increasing complaints of noise from the Toledo Aeroport was to relocate deaf people to to high-noise areas, facilitating their purchase of homes from the complainers .”