of Lansing MI restaurants and fun

didn’t want to further hijack this thread:


have found a number of folks are familiar with certain eateries of the greater Lansing area.

El ez (actually El Azteco) and Bangkok House.

The former has 2 branches, one right by MSU, (formerly in a basement, now on ground level with an upstairs outdoor eatery) Many former MSU students swear by it and the Topopo Salad especially - this is a Large dish with chicken, peas, guacamole, lettuce , lots of stuff. My sister in law, in particular loves the place. Every time they come to Lansing, she wants to dine there. However, since I got food poisoning in about 88 from the topopo salad, I don’t eat there anymore. Will sit and watch some one else if I have to, but…

The other is Bangkok House - Thai food. I tell people always start off with “mild” - I don’t care that you really like spicy - I do, too, and the most I’ll do is “medium”. Their “hot” (and they go up to “extra hot”) is awe inspiring. They know me there.

Another favorite haunt (tho’ haven’t been in a while) is Murasaki - wonderful sushi, wonderful daily specials.

AND!!! they’re opening a White Castle joint on the south end!


Other places of note: Elderly Instruments. If you’re a serious guitar player, you’ve probably heard of them, perhaps ordered from them. (and the repair shop across the way Shiawassee Technical where most muscians across the southern peninsula have gotten their electronic stuff fixed) [I have several friends in that industry]
Ma-Ah’s (downtown Lansing) a gift shop that sells “futuristic nostalgia” (I’m known there, too). They sell stuff like full size cut outs, Elvis magnets, punching nun puppets and a wonderful assortment of t-shirts and cards.

So, any one else?

I’m sorry to see that the greatest post-bar food is not listed above.

Panchero’s on Grand River. I have dreams of there Steak Torta’s. I may have to make the 1.5 hour drive before this weekend.

I just drooled on my keyboard.

is that the “home of the 2 lb Burrito”??

(we try not to have to find parking in the evening in East Lansing).

Best used bookstore in the area is Curious Books, on Michigan Avenue. Best sandwiches(I worked there as a baker many years ago) is the Bagel Haul, in Lansing and in Haslett. Wish I was still up there and could go to lunch with other SD folks.

wring: I remember El Azteco in the basement. A narrow stairwell leading down from the sidewalk, usually jammed with people waiting for a table. I think the fire marshall laid awake with chills at night whenever he thought about it. After the food poisoning episode, there was usually a smell of chlorine bleach coming out of the kitchen. But the food was worth it all! The atmosphere in the new place just isn’t the same, IMHO.

I haven’t been to Bangkok House, but I’ll make an effort to try it now.

And Melting Moments, for ice cream; the Island Color Festival, in Grand Ledge; riding my bike on the Riverfront Trail; the Greater Lansing Treasure Hunt; listening to the marching band practice on my way home after work; canoeing the Looking Glass river in the spring.

Oh, great - now I’ll never get any work done today, thinking of where I could be instead!

Oh, I love sushi and have been meaning to get over to Murasaki to give them a shot. Now, being in EL, I’ll definately have to do it.

Shuler Books. Love that place. Better than the big chains. Going there tomorrow to buy a new journal.

Anyone been to the Silver Screen Cafe in the back of Video To Go in Frandor? Actually quite a nice spot. Not as filled as Cappaucino Cafe and the such.

How 'bout Essential Oils? They used to be in Frandor but moved out to one of those strip malls near the Meridian Mall (the one near the Talbots store and Wild Birds Unlimited). I love being able to get lotion and stuff scented there plus their perfume oils are incredibly cheap and last forever on your skin. Maybe I’ll head over there tomorrow too. Haven’t been there in a while.

Yes, Murisaki is best place for sushi in town.

I remember Essential Oils from their FIRST location in Frandor (where the Cobblers’ Bench ended up).
and Love the VTG store (I’m on their e-mail list - I hardly EVER have to show my id there).

Island Art Festival is always the begining of “Pentecostal Peanut Brittle” season for me (the church does a peanut brittle making fund raiser every year, best peanut brittle on earth!)

I’ll tell ya at lunch my connection with Melting Moments…

the MSU union art show at Christmas time is another fav (as well as the big fest in the spring with East Lansing)

check out the “All of Us Express” children’s theater shows - especially the big ones in the summer (those will have typically about 80 kids ranging from 6 to 18 in shows like Alice in Wonderland etc.) Fantastic costumes, attention to detail, the kids to a great job (shows are about $3 each, better than a movie!)

The Traveler’s Club International Restaurant and Tuba Museum.

Never been there, but a friend of mine from Okemos sent me a shirt, bless her.

I hear the food is interesting but the beer is better.

your humble TubaDiva
Still wanting a shirt from the “Tuba City Truck Stop.”

The Peanut Barrel on Grand River is practically my home away from home. Great atmosphere, great beer, best burgers I’ve ever had.

I had a friend throw up once from a 2 lb. burrito at Panchero’s. I almost finished one… came up about 3 bites short.

Sadly, Blue Coyote is no longer with us. Same goes for Wherehouse Records. And Jacobson’s… though I could never figure out what it was doing there in the first place. It’s by Meridian Mall now.

Anyone been to Flats Grille? It’s probably one of the few unique restaurants in EL, meaning that no one serves the same style of food they do. A favorite of mine during long days at work.

I’m leaving this town soon, which is kind of bittersweet.

I can vouch for El Azteco and Peanut Barrel. Another great place is the Sports Bar, also on Grand River but at the other end of campus. It’s a good place to watch a football game, but it’s pretty dead most other times. Flats is a great place and you’re right SNec, noone makes food like they do (I mean that in a good way, too :)) There’s a new Gap store near the SBS and Peanut Barrel. There’s alot of good stores on the strip across from MSU, but not alot of parking, so be prepared to walk.

How could I forget?: My favorite bar & grill is BW3’s on M.A.C. Avenue, but sadly it’s going to be closing in April because they’re tearing down the building to put in a drug store. :frowning:

I can’t remember the name of the Church in Lansing but it was Greek Orthodox. They had a bake sale every year when I was still in Michigan, YUMMY! The first year I went to it I bought stuff for two days. Ate all of day one and had “just a nibble” of day two’s baklava. Well, you can write the ending to this story yourself. Anyone know the church, and does it still do the sales?

Elderly’s. Yep, I know them. I’m married to a musician who makes pretty regular visits there. Sigh. I wish he knew more about the restaurants. It’d be waaaaay less expensive. :slight_smile: