Of Lichtenstein and Racing Stripes

Some of you may know by now that I recently picked up a little white Mazda Miata (which, by the way, rocks ass even if it is a she-car).

My car is not fast enough. I’ve had it two weeks and have only one speeding ticket to show for it.

Therefore, it needs a racing stripe to make it go faster. But not just any racing stripe…

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’ve got a number of graphic artist pals, and they say they can hook me up with a decal that I can apply without worrying about screwing up the paint job. They tell me that if I can create the proper image, all I have to do is turn it over to them and they will be able to transform it into a very-high resolution sticker, which can later be removed if I don’t like it.

I want an offset racing stripe, just because.

But more importantly, I want the stripe itself to be one of Roy Lichtenstein’s brush-strokes. This obviously is less ambitious than my original intention to do the entire car in benday dots. Hey, I’ve got to be practical about this.

I’m looking for more images of some of Roy’s brush-strokes so that I can accurately emulate one. I’m also soliciting opinions. What color? Straight or wavy? Drippy or not drippy? Am I f—ing insane?

You may want to test your color combinations with the Miata Stripe Machine (again, my ride is white), but remember that my stripe is going to be offset to the driver’s side of the car.

I’ll also be happy to take any other decorative suggestions you may have. Teeth on the front air intake has already been suggested, as well as catfish whiskers, and dangling a length of rope behind it in order to make it more closely resemble a, ahem, feminine hygeine product. (I love how supportive my friends are.)

Anyway, as always, your contributions are greatly appreciated!