Of Saturn, and McCain

Ok, This may not be the proper forum, but I really cannot stand the latest Saturn and AND of the McCain food commercials.

Saturn is so sickingly sweet… “Hi Jeff… I lost my job. Want you car back?”
“Sure. Lucky we have a money-back guarantee…”
“I promise I’ll buy another one when I get a new job”
“That’s ok”
ANd then, their eyes meet across the showroom floor, and they live happily ever after.

Or how about that other one, where the guy meets heer at the airport with car keys? I don’t know about you, bt if car salesmen were meeting me after I get off a plane, I might consider going with a less pushy company…

I lover the part of one of their commercials where they say “We don’t have a different promotion every other week” Of course not! They never have any promotions! From what I hear, everyone pays MSRP, with no haggling at all. That’s how the “no hassle” car buying works. Saturn is for people afraid to haggle over price. You just pay full price. Like I read somewhere: If saturn invites you to a barbeque, go, because you’ve already paid for it.
Now Onto McCain. What’s wrong with this company?? Can’t they make a single commercial for pizza pops, or frozen pizza without using these teenage boys who look like they just hang around on street corners talking crap to one-another? Skateboard hoods leaning against cars that aren’t even theirs? Two joes arguing over how a pizza will come out of the microwave either good or soggy? And then the one with the girl choosing over baked or fried and choosing theirs, only to have some goon show up and take over the commercial? Do I want to buy a product while I watch some smug goon eating in an extreme close-up?

Anyways… That’s my rant.

Oh, and I really hate the hell outta that Oh-Henry commercial that they always play. “Does it have a political affiliation?” Gawd, will they ever make a new one? One that makes sense?

Post your latest, most hatest (it rhymes!) commecials here.