Of WindowsXP and a mouse

So, I finally bit the bullet yesterday, and upgraded my home computer to WinXP, so that I could use various new gadgets (such as my phone, my printer and my digital camera) with my computer. The installation went smoothly, and I have a lovely WinXP installation now. My phone can talk to my computer, my digital camera can talk to my computer, the printer can now finally use the USB port as opposed to the LPT port. Sounds rosy and wonderful doesn’t it?

Well, it is, apart from the fact that I’ve had to set all these devices up using my keyboard alone. WinXP totally refuses to acknowledge that my mouse exists. Its as if its sitting there, with its fingers in its ears, singing

Grrr… Silly XP. But, I have my revenge. I have bought a new mouse. A mouse, which hopefully WinXP will like and will want to play with. A girl can but hope…

Sheesh…Technology eh?

And what was your old mouse?

A PS/2 mouse made by a company called “Trekker”.

Ah, well, just feed it to the cat. Mice are classed as consumables around here.

Welcome to the Upgrade Hell! MUAHAHAHAHA! :smiley:

Sorry, it’s just that it’s always like this when upgrading Weendoze. I’d tell you to consider Linux but I know you already know it, and I’m sure you checked the compatibility. It’s gotten better, by the way - my mobile, organizer and camera work like a charm.

Well, best of luck with the new OS… shudder :slight_smile:

Back in the day when I started computers they didn’t have any rodents attached…

Sheesh, kids these days… :smiley:

best of luck, is it USB?
I just installed a new optical mouse on each of the daughters computers. I got tired of cleaning the rollers all the time, oldest girl got her video card upgraded too. I got a new ATI Radeon 9600XT 128DDR and she got my old GeForce2.

I’ve found XP to be pretty good, believe it or not.

When I went to XP, my computer decided my Logitech MouseMan+ was a simpler MS mouse. I even paid to download a new driver from Logitech, to no avail. The thumb button, which used to be a double-click, still doesn’t do anything.

Well, neither did my first computer, although I’m not quite as old as some of you here. :stuck_out_tongue: It used tapes. :slight_smile:

Well, didn’t get to try it yesterday, as I forgot the mouse in my office :smack: so, I shall try it tonight. Probably using the USB…

Paid? I always thought all of Logitech’s drivers were for free downloads. Still looks all free for me. From the homepage click on downloads and find you mouse and install. That’s what I did when I upgraded.

It looks like Microsoft makes the Trekker mouse. If you do a google search for “trekker mouse downloads drivers” the third link (2nd at koala.ilog.fr) has a thread about the same problem and they say you need to instaln MS IntelliPoint. Here’s the 5.0 version for XP. Hopefully you can return the new mouse. Odd that they’d make it so hard for their own mouses.

Cool! I’ll take a look at that. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Remind me never to purchase a Logictech product.

I’ve owned Logitech products for years, I’ve never had to pay to download a driver. :confused: