Off the wall fart question.

We all know how bad other people’s farts smell. We also know that no matter how ripe our own farts smell, they’re not quite as bad someone else’s. So, If you’re sitting in a room and let one rip and at the same time someone sitting close to you let’s one rip(let’s also say that yours has no odor and the other person’s reeks), will you be disgusted or just slightly embarrased? Or is there some kind of natural “mothers intuition” that will let us know that “That bastard ain’t mine!” and leave us running for air?

The secret to this question is diet. Farts are going to smell different depending on what you eat, and what chemicals are released as the food is slowly turned into waste. Look at your own diet, and think of the heavier foods you consume. Then take a look at a friend’s diet and see what they eat. Chances are that if there is a marked difference in diet, there’s also a difference in the odor of your butt music, which can help you determine which farts are yours. (This is just going on observation, BTW.)

I believe most of the stench of farts comes from undigested fats.

Really foul smelling farts usually have one of three causes:

  1. You eat too much fat.
  2. You have a liver disorder (the liver produces bile, which emulsifies fats, allowing their digestion).
  3. You had a good time last night. Drinking occupies the liver’s time. Hence, undigested fat.

But what about farts that are obviously from non-fatty foods, like the infamous broccoli and mushroom farts?

I ate a lot of lamb lately, and my farts were fairly vile, but my belches were horrible!