Off you go, MadHatter...


I’m not sure why he got banned. I have a pretty good idea, but I really don’t care. I’d now like to take this time to dance on his grave.

Oh, and by “dance”, I of course meant “take a steaming, nasty, mostly water crap that will eventually seep down and drench his rotting corpse”.

He was banned because he complained about manny’s moderating again, and in the wrong forum again.

I have to agree with it, of course, especially since he had been specifically warned about doing just that thing. However, I thought that recently he had settled down, and was starting to try and get along, so it is unfortunate that it had to be this way.

Again, and again, and again …

where was the final bitch session? anyone got a link?

It happened in this thread when manny had finally had enough. Let me take this opportunity to once again express my deep and abiding love for manhattan. You are indeed my hero.

Seems he made a post-mortem appearance in GD ranting about wills. Couldn’t figure out the entire anagram, though…


All I could get of the anagram was “Duck you manhattan” or “Manhattan, you duck!” which isn’t very impressive. What am I missing?

That second U should be an I… it’s not duck…

John Corrado came up with a whole list of possible anagrams, only one of which was, “manhattan you dick.” Maybe we can get him to post it.

Unfortunately, I forgot to click the “save message” feature before I sent that off. So unless one of the other mods wants to re-post it, I’ve lost it. Which could be said about me in a number of meanings.
Someone else decided that it could be an attack on Coldfire- DUTCHMAN AIN’T OKAY, which is pretty amusing.

This turkey is creating sock puppets with anagrams? I’m so sure. I hope he gets a life.

Well, Manny, look at it this way: You can now post this tale on the “Do You Have a Stalker” thread.

No no no… I think 'Hatter is finally admitting that he’s related to Jack Dean Tyler.


Hell, I’VE been stalking manny for the past fourteen months.

I’m really, really good at it, so he probably hasn’t even noticed.

(His favorite ice cream flavor is Macadamia Brittle)

Here’s John’s list and analysis:
[li]“manhattan you dick”[/li][li]“haydn nikau tomcat” which I suppose applies to Gaudere.[/li][li]“humanoid tacky tan” which, given our heritage, could apply to me, Alpha, or Lynn.[/li][li]“had mountainy tack” which, given his love for firearms, probably applies to Uncle Beer.[/li][li]“handout takin’ YMCA” which is definitely Arnold.[/li][li]“dank humanity taco” which is the best description of CKDext I’ve ever heard.[/li][li]“dainty mock Utahan” though I always thought of TubaDiva as a real Utahan.[/li][li]“Dakota munchy tain” which is an insult to Chronos, even though Chronos is actually in Montana. Or,[/li][li]“coda humanity tank” which I think says something about Slythe.[/li][/ul]
Either way, DavidB is definitely not the target of this insult.

Let’s all give a big hand to Mr. Corrado. He’ll be here all week folks.

I may give some serious consideration to changing my username to “dank humanity taco”.

Thats some good stuff.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I am SO in love with John Corrado!

Well, the girls would turn the color of an…avocado
When he would come down their street…Mister John Corrado.

John Corrado went to France …
Oh. Wait. You already did that one, Uke. Ummm …

You say Corrado, I say tamahto;
Err, ummmmm, ah, err …

Hell, that’s goin’ nowhere, too. I give up.

Isn’t there a site where, you type in the phrase, and you can get all the possible anagrams?

Hey, I’m off the hook!

Or just forgotten (as usual), I’m not sure which…