Offensive and disturbing "Where's this quote from?" question.

So while listening to Howard Stern this morning on the way to work (Hey Air America was on commercial) they were interviewing this Playboy playmate. At one point Howard asks her if her boyfriend ever calls her the “N” word during sex. The girl was confused… then they played this sound clip from SOMETHING…

The clip was obviously sexual. It was a black man asking the woman he was having sex with to call him a “nigga” and then “Say fuck me hard nigga.”
Now the woman’s response is well… less than enthusiastic which makes me think it wasn’t from a porn. There was definitely a creepy rape vibe coming off of it.

Anyone know what this sound clip was from?

It’s from Todd Solondz’s happy little film Storytelling. You can click to “Mermorable quotes” for a transcript.