offensive language on The Today Show

This morning I turned on The Today Show just as it was ending, and Lester Holt said that he wanted to apologize to the viewers for the offensive language that was spoken by one of the earlier guests on the show.
Did anyone see the show? I was just curious what was said.


They were talking about an Outkast song that mentioned Rosa Parks and Bitches/Whores/something about a shit-house, etc. I think he didn’t mean for the actual words to come up but Rosa Parks attorney (who was suing several record companies) quoted them at least once.

Why is Rosa Parks suing record companies?

Didn’t Raj from “The Apprentice” call someone an “asshole”? Then he asked Katie Couric if it was OK to say that.

Outkast named a song after her.

When Johnny Carson had the show, he did a lead-in to a commercial while holding a model boat. He lost his grip on the boat, and his comment was bleeped. He explained the next night that he hadn’t said a naughty word. He held up a sign with the word “mayday” on it, to show what he had said out loud. Mayday is an international distress call, and it’s illegal to speak it on the airwaves unless you’re in peril.

I believe a different word has now replaced “mayday” in radio parlance.

She’s not, really.